The most influential children and adolescents in 2014

Although the popularity of models eroding, and their niche gradually withdraw actors, the world is still looking for the perfect appearance. Recently, social media and the public have converged on the idea that the most beautiful girl on earth - a nine-year model Christina Pimenov, the daughter of Russian football player Ruslan Pimenov. Fire adds active in social networks facebook and instagram Christine leads her mother, former model Glikeriya Shirokov, who knows the correct angles to represent the daughter in a favorable light. Nothing good in the comments of users of social networks on which Christina long legs and what she's cute "baby" is not, and does not mention pomeshannost society visual appeal still can not be half a million followers in instagrame and 2, 5 million facebook say that the maturity and diversity trends as long as you can only dream of.

At age 11, Tavi started a blog, and became like a teen-conformist, to find myself actively experimenting with trends and gradually pestuya your style - both in journalism and in fashion. Rookie her blog turned into a real online magazine with 3, 5 million unique visitors per month, where she writes about his life and talks about pop culture. Now Gevinson demonstrates acting skills in the Broadway production of «This Is Our Youth» with Michael Gray. In the future, Tavi is going to continue their education by enrolling in college, but it seems that we hardly remember her only as a diligent student - a generation of teenagers that it is too interesting for adults, so expect new roles brilliant and incredible revelations about how she lives and thinks about.

2014 can be considered the first milestone for the transgender community, which has decided to declare itself louder than usual statement of the fact that there gransgendery and they are people just like everyone else. The most difficult to live for children and adolescents, transgender, so it is impossible to overestimate the role played by Jazz Jennings - 14-year-old girl born a boy, but with two years felt themselves as girls. In 4 years doctors have diagnosed Jazz "gender dysphoria", and recently it has become a co-author of the book "I Jazz" for children from 4 to 8 years: "This book - says Jazz - especially for children transsexuals who are struggling with a and society. I want to tell them that they are not alone. They need to step up and live like normal people. " Jennings talked with Bill Clinton, she interviewed the legendary American television host Barbara Walters - in general, has become the darling of the media, as the teaching of others, not only transgender accept yourself for who you are.

Daughter of US President always in mind, though, Barack Obama and jokes that information on whether they meet with somebody, "strictly secret." Moreover, the recent scandal with their indirect participation showed some reputational risks threaten, if someone thinks of Obama to discuss the appearance sisters. A member of the Republican Party Elizabeth Loten quit after Sasha and Malia criticized Obama: "Dear Sasha and Mali, I understand that you have an awkward age, but you are part of the president's family, try to behave decently. Do not dress as if you're in a bar and not in the White House. " Meanwhile, Malia Obama created a furor by appearing at a music festival Lollapalooza, and Sasha has become a kind style icon: after the girl was seen in svitshote with a unicorn on ASOS just a couple of days sold out the entire batch such as sweatshirts.

Three schoolmate from Ireland won the competition Google Science Fair, which is held the fourth consecutive year for students experimenters. Their project, hit the judges could theoretically solve the problem of global food crisis: they found that using bacteria diazotrofov can make certain cultures are more fertile and increase yields. After a 11-month study it was found that the bacterium is able to reduce the time of germination of barley and oats by 50% and reduce the amount of fertilizer needed for plant growth. Now schoolgirl think how to make money on it, but it seems that they will not have a problem with it - if there are things in the world that can solve global problems, there will always be those who will be willing to fund them.

Davis 13 years old, African-American, and she throws the ball at a speed of 110 km / h - if someone breaks the patterns in the sport, so this girl. American girls do not play baseball, and Monet Davis is really able to become that role model that changes the course of history, which then write bestsellers and remove biopic. African-American athletes rarely graces the cover of Sports Illustrated, but Davis noticed after her murderous throw in the game of international competition Little League World Series, and was told to "remember her name." Total during the existence of this competition for children from 11 to 13 years participated in it only 18 girls. According to Davis crazy even ESPN, removing the stories about how she, as a pitcher, played six innings dry. Despite this, Monet in no hurry to let the sport, claiming that as soon as her rivals are older, it will not make them true competition.

For the first time the general public became acquainted with Kiernan Shipka in the TV series "Mad Men" in 2007 when she was cast as Sally, the eldest daughter of Don and Betty Draper. Numerous Telekritika noted that season after season, it gradually turns into a central figure. Although initially Shipka was a guest actress Showrunner «Mad Men» Matthew Weiner translated it in the main cast. For his outstanding acting game Kiernan won the "Young Hollywood", and then one of the main roles in "Flowers in the Attic" - the first part of the American saga "Dollangendzhery." And this is just the beginning.

According to family legend, Flynn McGarry began to prepare for the whole family in 11 years because he did not like cooking mom. Now, my mother calls herself his "dishwasher", and Flynn, who in November sixteen, no longer feeds the family and relatives, and visitors to the restaurant, which has recently been appointed head chef. Style cooking McGarry called "progressive American cuisine", which generally means nothing other than love and willingness to experiment is not far away from the American culinary traditions. His profaylsostavili in The New York Times, he participates in the TV show, scared a lot of work and dreams of opening "the best restaurant in the world" - in general, the most popular chef.

Awkward teenager in huge glasses the whole world knew after it became clear that he was the leader of the so-called revolution umbrella - Hong Kong street protests, the basic requirement of which is to limit the impact of China on the management of this Special Administrative Region. A former British colony, Hong Kong is considered more progressive and independent than the rest of China and, therefore, participated in the protests a huge number of students whose mouthpiece and became Wong. Otherwise, the traditional and China it is considered a troublemaker and an extremist, but it seems it does not care - even in Hong Kong and restless, but freely.

Recently, the New Zealand singer Lorde said the 18-year anniversary, presenting video for the song «Yellow Flicker Beat», which was included on the soundtrack to the latest "hunger games", and this is a direct consequence of its incredible success. In early 2014, she received two statues "Grammy" for the hit «Royals». Then her debut album «Pure Heroine» went platinum. Well, in the end Lorde became a role model for those who do not like photoshop and loves himself in March, she published two photographs of yourself, otfotoshoplennuyu (with perfect skin) and real (not very), in order to remind his followers that, that "flaws - this is normal».

Having survived the attack by the Taliban and shot in the head, numerous manifestations of discontent compatriots and lack of faith in her, Malala Yousafzai Pakistani girl from a small defenders of human rights has become a laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize. It helps women living in his native Pakistan's education, save the Syrian refugee children and still listen to their parents as the only coaches. She walks with implanted into the skull titanium plate and a lifetime lost her hearing, but never regretted that was not afraid to go against the word of violence. In Mahatma Gandhi appeared worthy replacement, it is a pity that the price of peaceful struggle now so high.


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