Strati: electric vehicle that can be printed per day

3D printing is now making significant progress. A 3D printer (conventional and special design) printed organs, parts of spacecraft and automobiles. But while such a way that the body created only cars, but Strati - electric car, which is printed entirely.

Only electronics, motor and wheels are not printed, everything else - the result of the 3D printer. The development of the car took about 4, 5 months (from the design stage to create a real car). Company founder Local Motors , which creates the electric car, says that in the near future to develop the need is much less time - only 6 weeks. A listing on the finished model - a day at the most.

A key factor in this work effectively - simplification. Usually the car is created from thousands of parts. But in Strati - only 49 parts. It looks fantastic, but the head of the company says that everything is quite real. The fact that the developers have tried to create such a structure, where the majority of parts are made from the same material. Of course, the engine, suspension and electronic components can not be printed, but everything else - can be created on the printer, using thermoplastic reinforced with carbon fiber.

Now developers have brought the technology to the ideal, trying to create a method of printing that would create a 3D printer of the same material items with different characteristics (hardness, brittleness, etc.). For example, the seat should be softer and more elastic, body - hard and very brittle.

The first model Strati was printed in 4 days, but the developers. as mentioned above, are going to shrink this time to 1 day. Electric created a special 3D printer, the size of which is comparable to the size of a shipping container. Price of first instance cars accounted for 30 thousand dollars, but it is clear that more or less the streaming issue price of cars will be much lower.

The vehicle can be modified by adapting it to different environments (desert - one design, cold Alaska - other).



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