Birth of a fax in 1843

Fax alive. And he still plays huge role in Japanese business . I am also interested in the question: when is a miracle of technology come from? And when it was not necessary, an integral part of our life (read - was commercialized), and when the first picture could pass at a distance without the aid of man in seven-league boots, pigeons or other means of communication.

When do you think this happened? No, not at the beginning of the twentieth century. And in the 1840s.

Alexander Bain was one of 13 children, was born in a family of shepherds and so on - all this can be found in Wikipedia . We are as important his two inventions: electric clock (first patented) and facsimile thereof. In electric clocks were pendulum works as you can guess from the electricity. This is important information for the description of the fax.

Electric Clock 1945. Made long before to be on your wrist . I>

What do I need to transfer pictures? Scan it, send data, receive data and capture an image. In the case of scanning and faxing Bane "sketch" line carried two pendulums.

A little more detail:
- Pendulum sending machine moved by the image engraved on copper, and in contact with the electrical contact lines appear.
- Pendulum receiving unit, synchronized with the first pendulum, stylus writing on soaked in potassium iodide paper changes color when the current passes.

Even more clearly - that you fax from men.

In May 1843 Bane received a patent under the number 9745 on the "electric printing telegraph." Improve the system, in 1845 the inventor received another patent - №10838.

Improved version of the fax Bane, 1850.

Send image was not ideal, but the losses were minor.

The first commercial telefax introduced Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli in 1865, after only 11 years after the creation of the phone. But that's another story.



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