US Navy armed with a laser gun

Vice Admiral John Miller официально said , that the first laser weapon in the history of the US Navy commissioned and tested. Laser gun designed to destroy the drones and small boats.


weapon was called LAWS - Laser Weapon System . For the «A» nothing came up, just LAWS - Law - sounds good. The gun is set to ship this summer Ponce, patrolling the Persian Gulf, and helps him to frighten enemies. But the main goal - the protection of small and maneuverable Iranian armed ships that threaten the democratic world.

Necessary tool meals - 30 kW. LAWS can operate in several modes, including the destruction of small objects and spoiling the enemy of electronics. While the Navy's important to understand how this particular gun can cope with the privations and hardships of military life - namely, the water in the sea, with the heat and dust of the desert, and so on. If all goes according to plan, the laser weapon would be just another common type of weapons.

Video about the passage of the 2012 tests by LAWS. Brand new video presentation is, на Online Bloomberg .

Over the past couple of months laser weapons представила The company Boeing , most known as a manufacturer of aircraft. Cannon powered 10 kW UAV capable of striking even in difficult weather conditions - rain, wind and fog. This instrument has received more pathetic name: High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator . The beam diameter of 2, 5 cm striking aerial targets at a distance of several kilometers. Video .





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