Small repairs.

So passed the next little vacation in which each of us something to occupy yourself trying. So I decided to go on holiday to a nearby town to parents rarely see each other lately. Upon arrival, my brother and I decided to screw on a jar of beer, as out of nowhere ... well, then you know.

Mother called, asked to drive and see what you can do with her flooring in the kitchen. We arrived and means to assess the scale of the tragedy. In the beginning it was suggested that all the new technology - to fill all the small fraction of expanded clay, and on top lay a moisture-resistant gypsum sheet. But that idea failed, as there was no stock of expanded clay. In the end, decided to change the chipboard on chipboard.

13 photo.

Strip off the old linoleum

Scraps of memory ...

With great difficulty, tore the first and largest piece of old chipboard, was firmly nailed to the joists on the nails.

During removal

Thought that the lag will also be decrepit, but after opening it turned out otherwise. Recently stayed in excellent condition probably because processed some green crap

Clean surface and lay the joists in the same order.

When they brought us new sheets chipboard, it became clear that to drag them into the original form is not feasible due to their size - 350x175 and weights. It was decided to saw them in half and in this form drag on the 3rd floor.
We spread sheets

Another lay

Jigsaw, I tell you, the thing !!!

I apologize that I missed a few steps, it is very passionate about was work.
Laid on top of the laminate.

Still here asked curtain tie

Well, that's all. Shtorochki hang, and you can drink a cup of tea)
I do everything possible to kick)


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