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After our cat Apricot stayed with us all alone, we first thought about purchasing some new zhivotinku. But very soon it became a little too quiet and boring. And just at a friend's husky whelp ... Well, I think - fate! Came with her daughter to the bride in the late evening. About naturedly Huskies all know. But I was struck mamashka. She immediately climbed up to me to hug and show all sorts of friendly feelings, did not depart from me the whole evening, and her mistress at the time laid out on the mat "goods" by a person in the process, telling how they have it all happened.

1. Six puppies caught quickly. Seventh busily dug into what that cloth, and once it was found. All this malyshnya with great difficulty raking in a sprawling heap, and to photograph them all together, had to tinker.

2. Almost all were reddish-white, all with dark eyes and touching muzzles (on these pictures it just 21 days), and only one stood out for its dark skin. It was he who was the seventh

3. He came to us very carefully and once even looked sternly. In general, the animals themselves choose with whom they live. And so we brought him home. Named Nord - Northern same dog!

4. We, of course, just about imagine the problems that could create a small puppy. But so much! If you want to find yourself Huskies - get ready. This beast will eat all of your shoes, bags and belts. Sgryzёt or halve the legs of chairs and stools have, and even computer access. Zaterrorizuet their games everyone will be able to catch up.

5. One way to calm down - feed ....


7. blaspheme on the handles and lull.

8. But when this Milota tired and fall asleep, the house will cease to sway and can relax a bit. But not for long.



11. Our Cat in the first day of arrival, the puppy was shocked. Do not expect ...

12. In a state of shock climbed into the box. A lot of thought ...

13. While the Nordic was quite tiny, Côte only watched the scene from afar and in what does not interfere. But very soon he, being a good and very visionary cat, decided not to remain aloof from the problems of raising a puppy.

14. "Yes ... it is necessary to teach him ... until he less than me ...»

15. "That's it - the door. If at her a long look, then it certainly will open and you can go out. »

16. "You see - it opened and I went ...»

17. "And now let's go out together ...»

18. "And what are you doing here so?! ...»

19. "And for pranks in the face and you can get chewed sofa ... Why ?!»

20. "And now tightens its hind legs - and you're on the couch!»

21. "On the sofa asleep ... And I'm in charge here!".

22. "And do not argue with me!".

23. "Let us lie down already - will sleep!»

24. "Well, that's done - go to sleep already!»

25. "A well-trained dog - a pledge of peace and prosperity in the house cat ...»

26. "Yeah, man, once you grow up fast ... That's already on the mat does not fit together ...»

27. "Correctly say - in a dream kids grow faster.»

28. "But the pillow - it's gentility. And where have you picked up this. I do not teach this ...! »

29. That is all the necessary vaccinations done - you can walk! First snow in my life. It was immediately clear that the love hasok to snow in the blood ...



32. In general, if you are tired from work, you yelled boss obhamil in the bus, go home, all the bad things remain beyond the threshold, when you meet here is a miracle:


34. And Nord grew. Became calmer. Thanks to the timely and proper upbringing Kota, learn to control your temper ...

35. And it will not drive - just hand is not raised.
But the habit of sleeping on a pillow during sleep - it's probably already on the hosts. Ivory him this is not exactly taught ...

36. Here it is:

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The following year, the grown up and became strong dog went with us to a mountain hike on the Kola Peninsula, in the Khibiny ...
But that's another story ...
Everything ...


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