Gadget for dogs that will help to understand human

Wearable gadgets for people more, but such devices and dogs can come in handy. Rather, people who work with these dogs.

Even the most intelligent and experienced dog sometimes can not understand his master. In the future, this problem will solve: researchers from University of North Carolina want to improve communication between the dog and the owner with gadgets.

Scientists have developed a leash for two-way communication between you, equipped with sensors that can monitor the dog's mood by her behavior. In addition, there are tactile elements that will help the dog to understand commands, so to speak, translate it to human speech more intelligible animal signals.

Leash, harness, in addition, monitors the health of our smaller brothers: measures body temperature and pulse.

Why do it? B>
Fields of application are quite a few - because if you equip the device camera and microphone, you can more effectively work on search and rescue.

Already have a working prototype, but a group of researchers want to finalize the design.



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