"Armor", which can be bought quite legally

You never know who and why might want yourself a tank. Today, this does not necessarily go to the recruitment office and recorded in armor. Would be money. Let's see how much one can buy military equipment.
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Tank T-72 "Ural»

T-72 - a main battle tank of the USSR. The model was produced from 1973 to 2005, all were released about 30 000 copies, which makes it the most massive battle tank of the second generation. This mass has led to the fact that today many tanks fall into the hands of private individuals, who kindly offered to all who wish to buy the T-72. The cost of one heavily used copies on average 1 500 000 rubles.

Speaking about the usefulness of such acquisition: ride on a tank on normal roads you just can not. It is not even in the instruments (for legal sale seller will have to get rid of bomblets), and that the crawler is forbidden to move on public roads. Another but that is worth bearing in mind when buying a tank - is a high fuel consumption. T-72 consumes 300 to 450 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers on a dry dirt road.


Not ready for a real tank? Not a problem: the secondary market of military equipment does not end there. How about BMP? Infantry fighting vehicles of the first model was produced from 1966 to 1988, and today still is in service in many countries. As in the case of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles to drive on public roads do not get - do not allow track shoes. Therefore, sellers offer demilitarized use BMP only outside the city, for example, on a farm or fishing - especially as infantry fighting vehicles can swim at a speed of 7 kilometers per hour. Russia has used BMP-1 sold at a price of about 1.8 million rubles.


Armored personnel carriers BTR-80 began producing in 1984 and produced until now. BTR-80 has vosmikolёsny wheel drive and is equipped with a 260-horsepower engine KamAZ 7403, which enables the development of 80 kilometers per hour on a paved road (however, on account of APC still does not deliver), the speed on the water is 9 kilometers per hour. BTR-80 is able to overcome the move trenches, trenches and water obstacles, so that for going off-road - it. About the security can not worry: in the APC used devices designed to protect passengers from impact shock wave and ionizing radiation in the explosion of nuclear weapons for protection against chemical and biological weapons, as well as for protection against radioactive dust when driving cars on radioactively contaminated areas. Price of one copy of the BTR-80 is from 1.93 million rubles.


Purchase Options BRDM-2, we have considered, when it turns out, for many in Russia, you can buy a real all-terrain vehicle. Armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle second brand has a good reputation for high throughput and relatively light weight. Machines with conservation today are selling at the price from 795 to 500 rubles without regard to the installation of additional equipment. And the length of the list of additional equipment depends on the willingness of the customer: BRDM can be equipped with leather interior, air conditioning, rear-view camera, put new aero mirrors and lighting equipment.


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