Beating employee ambulance took place in Sochi.

In the unconscious medic Dmitry Lutsenko was taken to hospital with a diagnosis of "brain injury».

Beating employee ambulance took place in Sochi, close to one of the clinics. The driver of the ambulance leaving with a severely ill patient, a woman asked to remove your car for free movement in the hospital. The woman refused to remove the car and came into conflict with the driver of emergency, and soon came to her husband Alex P.

A few minutes later arrived at the place of several men who were taken away and paramedic inflicted numerous blows. Medica in serious condition were taken to the city hospital.

- A request to release the car ambulance joined the staff clinic, but no amount of persuasion on the driver of the car did not work - told LifeNews the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory. - Paramedic hospitalized unconscious in MBUZ GB number 4, where he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, brain injury.


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