The struggle for survival.

I read in one of social networks this article and it touched me deeply.

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Prison give hope for life?

... In the autumn of this year in our house knocked trouble. Ill loved one. Crayfish .......... A struggle began. For life, you might think? No. The struggle for survival.
All my Friend, of course, know that I live in Belarus. In a small town - 27 thousand inhabitants. Front of our house - the old prison. According to legend, the first stone in its foundation laid Catherine II.
Nowadays in this building - Oncology Center ... I do not know what you have to be crazy, to think of this before. I would like to ask those who have opened the hospital - they know what is cancer? They know what is chemotherapy? What is radiation therapy and radiotherapy? What is wake up and see your hair on the pillow? .. I doubt very much .......
And now, I think, quite easy to imagine in what conditions we are. Narrow corridors, dark and cold. Prison cells, converted into the chamber. Each of them is worth 2 beds on each side. Iron. Bolted to the floor. Walls - one meter. Steep stairs, which is not something that the patient, and even a healthy person to come down very hard. High ceilings - ie the battery chamber is not heated, it is worth icy cold. Windows shut tight, ventilate can not - breathe each other. So much for the conditions. Treatment - a separate story. Treat here simply do not want. To make it clear, explain what chemistry.

Chemotherapy - is, in fact, a powerful antibiotic, which is designed to destroy cancer cells. But together with the cells 'bad' and it destroys healthy cells completely. And these decomposition products fall toxic load in the body. To cleanse the body, to deduce from it all "stuff" you need for each session drip not only chemotherapy, but saline solution - Ringer. It costs less than 2 dollars for 2 bottles. As a result - Ringer does not drip. Anyone. It feels like dripping chemistry, doctors simply rely on the fact that before the next patient will not live ......
And in these narrow chambers are people ... Those who should be given the hope of life. Lie quietly, slipping extinct eyes on painted blue oil paint walls. There are different ...... Those patients who came for the first time, and those who lie for years. Perhaps they have become accustomed to the fact that at night the hallway footsteps, whispers ...... Besides that empty houses could be heard moaning ... Lay and unlikely to have faith in something. Because crude Ringer's body - a hellish pain. This is a terrible disease, it is impossible to drink, eat and talk ..........
Recalled how 10 years ago in the prison yard, the hospital decided to build a morgue. Have dug a huge hole for the foundation. Excavated and horrified ...... As it turned out - in the days of the prison death sentences are executed in the yard. There's also buried their dead. And now in the courtyard of the hospital were containers with bones. I do not remember how many there were. Not less than 20. Close nobody bothered. And the local boys, until the container is taken out, stretched skull as souvenirs ... Then the pit was filled, and he even overgrown with sparse grass.
When I was preparing this post, accidentally found a small excerpt from a conversation between two prominent Belarusians. I quote verbatim:
"V.Lihodedov: In Vileika old building, a former prison ...
L.Rublevskaya: The museum offers open there? Saw this in Lviv.
V.Lihodedov: Not just a museum - and prestigious hotel! Won in Alcatraz such tourists are confronted.
L.Rublevskaya: spend the night in a cell? Yeah, that sounds. And that is today in the prison?
V.Lihodedov: Oncologic Dispensary. I think it would be worth it to build a new building.
L.Rublevskaya: Do not know about the hotel and museum in Vileika prison can do.
V.Lihodedov: So, if here will be sailing on yachts rich, full and exotic hotel. What role-playing game can be arranged! ยป.........
And now I want to ask those who have decided that there will be a hospital: why you did not do the hotel? Do not have a family, children, and did not come to rest for a couple of days? Not ate the local soup from which the stench heard on the street? Do not lie on the mattress with the smell? As an option - to stay for years to come! Unanswered questions ...
By the way, our patient after 1 chemistry we took home. Found a nurse and home dripped Ringer, vitamins, and stomatitis were treated embracing mourned lost hair and happy every little victory. On the second chemistry came with an excellent mood, good analysis and a desire to fight. The doctors were very surprised that saw. Perhaps they really did not expect it. Man faded, actually dying. And here indeed is willing, but still joking!
Now the second chemistry behind, and again at home smells Ringer and hope for life. Canker sores are not manifested, appetite good, home walls warm and treat and in honor of that, I baked a cake.

Here are just a night I can not sleep ... I pity to tears and pain to the heart of the family and all the people who stayed there in the prison hell. Why so? Why in our country have the money for the construction of Minsk-Arena, Chizhovka Arena, and others like them, but no money for it to build a bright, beautiful building, where people get HOPE ??? !!! Where will want to live !!! Why are built tennis courts, water parks? Unless they can go with the Belarusian average pension of 190 dollars? And on TV every day goes advertising - call this number and donate for the construction of Children's Hospice .........
We do not have a good children's hospice. But we have a bunch of sports stadiums. And the government on the latest BMW brand. Except that if their house comes trouble, they come to us for treatment, in jail, or go to the US and Germany? The answer is obvious.
Shame such a country. My dream - to rouse her mother and leave. Not to wear the title of "Belarusian" and does not belong to the country in which the simple hard workers, 50 years has given welfare officials come to their house trouble, have only one option - "die on the stinks of urine mattress in a former prison."

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