10 facts about the cruelty of mothers in the animal world

Fight for survival in the animal world begins at birth. Sometimes, the threat to children are not only predators, but their own parents.

1. Lioness. Most of us are touched by, looking like a lioness playing with her cubs. But not many know that mothers are more concerned about their daughters than on sons, and may well stand by idly as an adult lion tearing their little cub. Male, thus getting rid of a potential rival, even if it's their son.

2. Panda. clumsy giant pandas, whose weight reaches 70-100kg, themselves often crush their tiny toddlers (birth weight baby - 80-140gr). This happens because the tiny panda is often in search of a warm place crawl under my mother.

3. Ants Adetomirma. The queen and her colony of ants working in the order of things to gnaw a hole in the newborn larvae and for a long time until she is alive, to feed her hemolymph. For this phenomenon, scientists coined the term - part cannibalism.

4. African black eagle. Typically, laying the female two eggs, but living always remains only one chick ... As soon as babies are born between them begins a brutal struggle for survival, which the mother looks absolutely quiet.

5. Galapagos sharks. This species belongs to viviparous, and immediately after the sharks appear cubs, they push them in shallow water. And it's not that it is easier to find food, and that as soon as the mother of the offspring produced, they themselves can begin their hunt for the kids, if they are caught in their path.

6. Black bear , did not hesitate to throw in the lurch a little bear if he was born one. Mother will care only about the litter in which several cubs.

7. Cuckoo never takes care of its young. What if you could throw eggs in the nests of others? Small kukushata, hatch from eggs before their "summary" brothers and sisters, and then begin to throw the other eggs out of the nest.

8. Darwin's frog. Mothers take care of the offspring exactly to the moment, as the eggs postponed. Then they will never come back to him, and all the burden lies with the males.

9. Sparrow peculiar cares for their young: it catches and kills the chicks of other females that mate with the father of her children. This is done in order to unlucky sparrow cared about her offspring.

10. Females langurs (monkeys thin-wool) is not only engaged in kidnapping and murder of his young companions of the pack, but also pursue their own children if they are they seem weak and exhausted.

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