Landmark Federal Reserve Bank

Who would have thought that the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, which was called a "bank for banks", is a popular tourist attraction - Museum of money. This is where you can witness the case with one million dollars, as well as the "money pit", which would be envied Scrooge MakDak.

For many, the money - it is only a source of frustration and despondency, but Money Museum in Chicago shows the lighter side of cash. The Reserve Bank of Chicago was one of the few banks that the federal government opened in 1913. Soon, however, took a reliable system for the storage and management of the currency. And was established by the Federal Reserve Bank, which to this day are kept billions of dollars simply nepomeschayuschiesya in vaults of other banks.

Money Museum in Chicago informative displays the history of the US currency, but most attention is drawn, of course, his bizarre exhibits. In the eyes of the visitors running shredder that cuts the US currency.

Interestingly, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago daily cut into pieces of about ten million dollars. In addition, tourists waiting glass cube, which houses one million US currency in one dollar bills. Its weight is almost one ton. The text mentioned about another exhibit "a million" - carrying case, which can be photographed in front of everyone. But in the cartoon coins money pit has fifty thousand dollars.

Entrance to the museum is free, so anyone can dive into the realm of money.


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