Tesla Motors is expanding the network of charging stations: 2016 Electrical fuel stations will appear in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova

Very good news for owners of electric Tesla and those who would like to buy such a car, came from the company Tesla Motors. Updated official map network of charging stations Supercharger, and according to plan, already in 2016 a network of such stations has grown considerably.

"Significant" in this case really means a large-scale expansion: in 2016 Supercharger network will cover the whole of Europe, as individual charging stations will appear in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova.

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Of course, you can begin to translate vision into reality and their own, taking as an example the experience same British . Yet the likelihood of official network of charging stations is much higher than the probability of the rapid development of home-made stations.

According to the developers Tesla, Supercharger charge the batteries of electric vehicles is many times faster than other types of charging stations. Power Supercharger install one reaches about 120 kW, with 50% battery charge Model S is replenished in just 20 minutes, and 80% - in 40 minutes. To fully charge the required 75 minutes.

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