Ecumenical Temple

This unusual building architect himself - Ildar Khans - called the Ecumenical Temple. Since 1994 he erected on his village gardens in the suburb of Kazan unique structure, which miraculously combines the Christian cross, the Muslim crescent, Star of David and the Chinese dome. However, no rituals are not performed because it is not working temple and cultural center. In the construction of the already open and operate an art gallery, where the exhibition is not only, but also master classes; a concert hall, which hosts music and poetry readings.

It should be noted that the creator of the Universal Temple Ildar Khans, a man known in Kazan. Artists, architects, healer and medicine man, though he was a Muslim, but interested in different religions, traveled the Christian holy places visited India and Tibet.

One day he told me that April 19, 1994 in a dream Jesus appeared to him, which he commanded to build ecumenical temple, what Ildar replied that he had no money and funds for construction. Jesus said: "You will start to build, people will believe in you and help will come." Ildar went outside and began to dig under the foundation. Less than half an hour, as there was a familiar Ildar and learning that builds the Ecumenical Temple, promised to send 15 masons. Work has begun to boil. The next day the night Ildar heard a noise in the yard and saw that someone had brought 3 Kamaz brick. Who brought the brick, remained a mystery. Surrounding people, and healed Ildar rendered him all possible assistance and the work did not stop for one day.

Unfortunately, the temple was left unfinished during the life of its creator. Ildar Khans died February 9, 2013 in Moscow after a long illness.



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