What is a "real Russian dinner?"

I was somewhat surprised by understanding the menu "real Russian dinner."
 - You see, Russian dinner, it's not quite what you are saying. If you
I want to please their native food, to buy meat, fry it
open fire.
 - You do not understand - offended girlfriend - and I know better than you what a "Russian dinner," Sasha and I often
so eat.
 - Guys, you are wrong! - Entered into a dispute my partner of Israel, -
"Russian dinner" is a bowl of boiled potatoes with butter and a bowl
With onion.
The dispute serious, it turned out that the concept of "Russian dinner»
too vague.
 - Do not you find it strange that three Jews in America and Israel, arguing with
the only Russian from Russia, vtolkovyvaya him what "real
Russian dinner »?



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