New Wi-Fi technology to 60 GHz from Samsung Electronics will increase the data transfer rate is 5 times

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Samsung Electronics has announced the successful development of the technology, which can provide data rates up to 4, 6 Gb / s or 575 MB / sec, which is 5 times higher than the maximum speed of the modern consumer devices (866 Mbit / s or 108 MB / sec). As a result, the user can download the movie 1GB in less than 3 seconds, while streaming HD-content between smartphones and TVs with no compression at all can be performed in real time without delays.

Technology developed by Samsung corresponds IEEE 802.11ad specification and uses a frequency range of 60 GHz, as opposed to 2, 4, and 5 GHz in modern standards of Wi-Fi. The specified frequency eliminates the interference in the communication channels, regardless of how many devices use the same network. Thus, the new Samsung technology bridges the gap between the theoretical and the actual speed and the actual speed shows that, in fact, up to 10 times faster than in the 2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless transmission technology.

So far, the commercial use of the frequency of 60 GHz was impossible as millimeter waves propagating in the line of sight, bad pass through walls and quickly lose their power, which led to difficulties in hiring and in the loss of data packets. Through the use of millimeter wave circuits and modem performance, and developed by engineers beam antenna with a wide-range, Samsung was able to successfully achieve the highest quality 60 GHz wireless technology, which was suitable for commercial use.

In addition, the company has developed a technology for beam steering. To ensure the highest level of the signal, it changes the parameters of the controller system 3000 times per second, which allows you to instantly adjust the signal in the event of obstacles in his way, or changes in the communication environment. Samsung has also developed a new method that allows multiple devices to connect to the network at the same time.

As in the case of 2, 4 and 5 GHz frequencies, which are used in modern equipment, the 60 GHz band does not require licensing, and commercialization of this technology is expected in the next year. Samsung plans to use new technology in different product categories, including audio and video equipment, medical equipment and telecommunications devices. Also, this technology will become an integral part of development devoted to the concept Samsung Smart Home and other initiatives related to the so-called "Internet of things."



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