What to eat for breakfast the kids from around the world

Saki Suzuki, 2 years 6 months, Tokyo

Dish of natto soybeans, rice, miso soup, pumpkin squash, pickles, eggs and grilled salmon.

Doga Hans Goursat, 8 years old, Istanbul

Toast with honey and sour cream, olives, fried with spicy sausage eggs, butter, hard boiled eggs, thick grape syrup (bekmez) with tahini (a thick oily paste of ground sesame seeds), cheese from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, jams, quince and blackberries, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, white radishes and other fresh vegetables, pasta roasted red peppers, halva from hazelnuts, milk and orange juice.

Nathanael Fitschen Picard, 6 years old, Paris

Kiwi fruit, baguette with butter and blackberry jam, cereal with milk and fresh orange juice.

Emily Katoomba 7 years Chitedze Malawi

Porridge made from corn and peanut flour; cornmeal pancakes with onions, garlic and chili peppers; boiled potatoes, squash and juice from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar.

Birthe GudrunBrin Brinyarsdottir, 3 years and 6 months, Reykjavik

Oatmeal with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter and fruit; fish oil, and milk.

Viv Bordrez, 5 years old, Amsterdam

Glass of milk, bread and butter and sweet sprinkles.

Aritz Domenica Ferreira, 4 years, and Hakeem Jorge Ferreira Gomes, 2 years, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chocolate milk, coffee, ham, cheese and bread with butter.

Phillip, 4 years, and Schelin, 4 years, Kamtengo, Chitedze Malawi

Sweet corn bread (shikondamoyo), boiled potatoes and black tea with sugar.

Koki Hayashi, 4 years, Tokyo

Green pepper, fried with dried fish and sesame; rice, drizzled raw egg; dish of lotus, burdock root and carrots (kinpira); miso soup, grapes, sliced ​​pear and milk.

Oykyu Ozarslan, 9 years old, Istanbul

Black bread, olives, chocolate spread, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, strawberry jam, butter and honey, a few varieties of Turkish cheese, feta cheese made from cow's and goat's milk.

Thiago Bueno Young, 3 years, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chocolate milk, cornflakes, banana cake, sweet white bread with soft cream cheese.

Source: www.nytimes.com


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