Knockin 'on Heaven: the story, the actors and characters

Year: 1997
Country: Germany
Slogan: "Fast car, a million marks in the trunk, and only one week to live»
Director: Thomas Jahn
Screenplay: Thomas Jahn, Til Schweiger
Genre: drama, comedy, crime

Cinema of Germany became famous in the late nineties film "Knockin 'on Heaven', released in wide release in 1997. Originally the film was known only to the German audience, but later gained immense popularity worldwide, becoming truly iconic painting, and, like the Soviet "Diamond Hand" cannibalized for quote. The film is removed by the German director and screenwriter Ian Thomas. "Nothing around - only darkness seems I knock at the gates of heaven" - the words of Bob Dylan, which became the basis for the names of famous German kinopritchi. At the time, the film won a total of four awards, one of which - a prize of the Moscow Film Festival in 1997 that evaluated Actor Til Schweiger as Best Actor. Also reel of film was awarded in 1997 the highest award of the German Deutscher Filmpreis. and in the same year, Ernst Lubitsch Award. In the late nineties, the film became so popular that in Germany he watched the New Year as regularly as the film "Irony of Fate" in Russia.

The main roles and their performers
The main characters of the film, Martin and Rudi - two completely opposite type, but the brighter and colorful look of their relationship, their ability to get "dry" of sometimes absurd situations.
Martin Brest role was performed by German actor Til Schweiger. Character Thiel - easily recognizable modern young man: cocky, brash and also very charming. He lives in accordance with their wishes, a little looking around on the opinions of others and legal codes. Information about his fatal diagnosis Martin accepts the challenge. But, despite such negative traits of his character, at heart, Martin is very kind and loving son. Of all the most cherished dreams of him in the first place - a dream come true to his mother. No wonder after the release of films in 1997 at the screen, Til Schweiger found a huge number of fans all over the world.

The role of a notorious loser Rudi Wurlitzer played Jan Josef Liefers. This role has become one of the most prominent in the film career of the actor. Brilliantly played Liefers Rudy - incredibly touching, sincere and kind-hearted young man. Generally, in the image of such "klutz" difficult in terms of acting to avoid cliches and "replay". But Jan Liefers succeeded magnificently. This Jan Josef Liefers - not only an actor but also a producer, writer, director and politician. And in 2009, the actor surprised his fans that created the rock band whose lead singer gave himself.

In the role of a hapless gangster Abdul starred Moritz Bleibtreu. His successful film career began in 1994, and the film "Knockin 'on Heaven' still sustain this success. Actor in this cult film brilliantly failed actor. It would seem the embodiment of hapless gangster enthusiastically waving a gun, forever cemented its role Moritz comedian. But later, in other works Bleibtreu declares himself as a talented dramatic actor.

Bandit Hank was executed Thierry Van Verrike - one of the most famous actors of Luxembourg. The film "Knockin 'on Heaven" as well as in the case with the other actors, brought him fame outside his country.

Local crime boss Frank in the movie played by Huub Sapele, famous actor of Dutch origin. The image of the gangster could be a template, such as a similar character to portray love in Hollywood. But Huub otherwise embodied criminal way of his hero, providing him with interesting colors. One of the great things about this character - a sense of humor, it seems, do not leave Frank never.

The film's director Thomas Jahn like the Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov, filmed in episodic roles of his films, also appeared in a cameo as a taxi driver (the scene where the characters are buying a pink Cadillac in gift Martin mother)
There is a remake of the Japanese film "Knockin 'on Heaven" called "Heaven's Gate". It was filmed in 2009, and is identical to the original, only the main roles are played by a young man 28 years old and a fourteen year old girl. Remake of "Heaven's Gate" was presented to the viewer other than "Knockin 'on Heaven' and has a very different perception of the atmosphere.

«Knockin` On Heaven`s Door» - the name of the Bob Dylan song, which served as the basis for the title of the film and its title track became. The literal translation of the title song sounds like "knocking at the door of heaven," that is, in other words, "standing on the threshold of death».
German actor Jan Josef Liefers had several marriages, including his daughter was married to Alexander Tabakov. Their joint child - daughter Paulina Liefers - graduate Moscow Art Theater School.

The main characters of the film - Martin Brest and Rudi Wurlitzer got their names after a famous film director and screenwriter (Martin Brest - director of such cult films as "Scent of a Woman" 1992 "Meet Joe Black" in 1998, and Rudi Wurlitzer - screenwriter of films "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid "in 1973 and" Little Buddha "in 1993).

What makes you think that picture
Sentimental, insanely funny and sad at the same time the film "Knockin 'on Heaven' can not be accurately attributed to one of the standard genres. For an action movie and a thriller - it's too good, pure comedy - sad. Even the representatives of the criminal world in this movie film served up quite comical. Plain-looking sitcom sobering its audience.
Film dedicated to the terminally ill, their survival among healthy people, their social adaptation, a sufficient amount. This "Philadelphia" with Tom Hanks in the title role, and "Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffman, "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts and many others. But it was the film "Knockin 'on Heaven", which the authors were able to easy and entertaining way, not stooping to pick cynicism about life and death, a theme value of human life, easily, gently touching and penetrates into the very soul of the viewer.

The film is being released outside the pavilions of Hollywood film studios at evropyskoy, very different from similar genre "masterpieces" dream factory. Firstly, it is interesting for the viewer that does not contain stamps that have captivated all American movies, carries the positive atmosphere, the positive emotional experiences, for which, in principle, a man and goes to the cinema.
Most of those who watched the film, he loved the negative reviews about the movie film is extremely small. This is not surprising, therefore reel of film of the German production of "Knockin 'on Heaven" entered the list of the best films of world cinema

The film, despite the tragic plot outline, looks very nice and easy, most importantly, leaving after viewing sensation of wasted time. Since the film's release, it's been more than fifteen years. Stepped far forward as technical material base of cinema and computer Cinema. But this film does not need expensive special effects or other kinopriemah. It is close to the viewer of his soul, that the theme of life and death, raised in the film, close and understandable to everyone. This tape will be in demand and fun, many years later, that, however, and is distinguished from a real masterwork crafts.

The film "Knockin 'on Heaven" is valuable for the viewer in the form of giving it a very easy, but for this form of hiding a very deep meaning and profound human experiences.
The main conclusion that can be drawn after watching films - is the idea that you need to live for today, not postponing no dreams, no significant action. Once thought, even the most fantastic becomes action, it can turn into reality. What happened to the heroes of the film "Knockin 'on Heaven." However, very, very late. But Martin and Rudy were able to reach out to the heavens, and the heavens themselves heard. And yet they were able to reach the hearts of people, forcing many otherwise look at your life, or to place priorities in life and more heat treat the people around them.

- Standing on the shore and feel the salty smell of the wind that blows from the sea. And you believe that life is free and you just started. And lips burning girlfriend kiss, tear-soaked.
- I was not on the sea ...
- Okay, do not pour ... never been to sea?
- No chance. Was not.
- Already a knock on heaven pumped tequila literally carried himself ... his last journey. Hmm. And you're at sea is not visited.
- Do not have time, did not work.
- Do not know what is in heaven anywhere without it?
- ...
- Understand the heavens and only say that about the sea. As it is infinitely perfect. About the sunset that they saw. About how the sun, plunging into the waves became as blood. And felt that the sea has absorbed light energy into itself, and the sun has been tamed, and the fire is already waning in depth. And you? What did you tell them? After all, you've never been to the sea. Up there you christen chode.
- Well now helped ...



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