Pupils martial arts school "Hsin-Ho-Men"

Martial arts - not just a sport, but also a special philosophy. Perhaps that is why the pupils of the school of martial arts "Hsin-Ho-Men" more than a month spent in the monastery Chen Zhou. What tests waited young sportsmen and how they coped with them offer learn to continue this post!



The path to the monastery takes five days. First, the participants train commute to Almaty, then transfer to Ust-Kamenogorsk. Then by bus to the child in the foothills of the base camp named Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy in which children spend a few days. Here they rammed their backpacks - and then walk to the monastery.


All 18 kilometers guys carry the backpacks that weigh almost 30 pounds. The smallest and weakest help older kids.


The path lies across the river, is one of the first tests.


In the woods near the river the team breaks camp and hoisting the flag of Kazakhstan. In 2014, it is the 17th trip to the monastery. Not anniversary, but very significant for all participants of the tour.



Chen Zhou monastery - it is rather conventional name. In essence, this campground, which is broken here guys.


But its inhabitants, as well as monks live here, renouncing worldly things. Someone even takes the time to prayer and meditation.


Chen Zhou is located in a picturesque place of Ust-Kamenogorsk, in the high mountains.


Eyes the magnificent picture: dense forests, home to many different animals, tinkling stream, fancy faceted stones, carpet abundance of flowers, bird ringing and bright butterflies.


Nature in these places unique.


Teacher guys Alexander Raduntsev shows young monks how to prepare the site for the camp ...


... And to cook.



The eldest of the boys Zahar Ryabov. For him, this is the second trip to the monastery.


Zahar - held an athlete. He is not looking for easy ways, always chooses challenges. He has the talent and coaching. He knows how to work with children.
- Here in the monastery, no sugar, and we must understand that children, and especially young, very hard, both morally and physically. Without the help and support of adults they can not do. It is necessary to substitute the shoulder support in testing, in fact, this is one of my main tasks of being in a monastery - Zahar says Ryabov.


Alisher Baratov in the monastery for the first time. Young "Monk" managed to break twice with one hand. It was hard, but it did not stop to break stones and perform all the tasks facing the participants of a campaign.


- I knew it would be hard, but the desire to test himself was strong. And I'm not sorry. All of gravity - nothing compared to what we got in the monastery, there we were tempered spirit. And then this beauty - the river, the mountains, the air - says Alisher Baratov.


Every morning after breakfast - push-ups in cold swirling river.



Among the exercises - downhill on a steep slope.


Young athletes need to crawl




Drag stones - still one of the tasks of march participants.



Both girls and boys - on an equal footing. Concessions do not give anyone.



In the event of injuries in the camp has its own physician. At this time, the mission served Umit Salahatova.
- I was in the monastery as a nurse, my task was to provide timely assistance to injure children. The guys happened cuts, minor injuries, but no one cried, - says Umit.


For participants of the tour became a big surprise weather conditions. "The monks" were ready for anything, but individually, and then all together: and the rain, and storm and hail ...


- Weather surprised us, not to have gone astray and scared, but we added a lot of difficulties that and so with a vengeance. The wind tore the tent just had to catch them and put again. In such circumstances, it was very difficult to make a fire. But we still managed - says Herman Berry.


Herman Berry breaks his first stone


In the monastery of complete independence. Children wash themselves ...


Clean dishes ...


Cook their own food ...


And then write letters to parents ...


Didar Kulzhanov in the monastery for the first time. Insists that was not only a lot of fun, but also a great experience.
- When I broke the stone, it was my first win. The second achievement was the fact that I have learned many things. For example, how to cook porridge. The most important victory - this is when you realize that you can live in a team that is part of it and is willing to sacrifice for the sake of friends.


After assignments and training can swim. Guys do it with enthusiasm, as if there was no physical, exhausting loads.


In the evenings, "monks" celebrated holidays.


Sang songs, danced, preparing cakes for birthdays.



- We, senior, was a big responsibility for younger children. Sometimes I had to convince them, and sometimes give schelbany. But they are done, quickly accustomed and trained on a par with us - says participant monastery Saul Mustafaeva.


Saule - Bronze medalist at the World Wushu Sanda. She has many other sporting achievements that can not be achieved without a strong character.


Atila Rustamov - one of the younger guys, he was the first in the monastery.
- I like it here very much, such beauty never seen before. In the early days it was getting too hard, tired, forces ended, but the guys helped. Together, we all stood.


For the first time in the camp and Umirzak Bakili. The young man said that the monastery gave him to understand how important it is to be independent, to be able to do any work.
- Monastery - the perfect place for guys determine the most important values ​​in life, learn to be independent. I realized that together, and together you can move mountains.


Lack of internet, the inability to communicate with parents on a cell phone, no walks and entertainment. Instead, training, exercise, almost miner fatigue and even minor injuries. And then 34 athlete as one, say: "My dream is to go back!»


- In the camp, I realized how dear to me and how stupid parents offended over nothing on them or friends. The monastery provides an invaluable opportunity to understand many basic things, and if there will be another opportunity to go to the monastery, I will definitely go back there - says another participant monastery Inara Tarasova.


The main "monk" - the president of the school "Hsin-Ho-Men" Alexander Raduntsev. The coach, who had not zabaluesh and at the same time he is very caring teacher.


- If one of the guys do not have something to perform, well, split the same stone, it does not mean that it is the weakest and that attitude will be worse. On the contrary, we surround him more attention and care that he felt that he was strong and that we - the team!


A month later, tired but at the same time vzbodrennye, became strong and happy campers go home. A year later, one of them will come back here. Will return again to test themselves on the strength.


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