11 excuses students "Why did not I go to the library"

Prestigious university, the senior course, a significant proportion of students studying a fee (not his own, of course, money - for parents, which means that,
consider, not for someone). The teacher gives the task to read the seminars specific text, emphasizing that it consists of 250
pages on the Internet and it is not. Background: Text important time - three weeks undergraduates. Next happens is that the night before
Workshop instructor calls the elder group and knocks with emotion reports that terrible happened - none of the students could not
find the text on the Internet ... Wow, what a tragedy in the Great Predseminarskuyu night. The next morning, went into the audience, people
sees calm faces of students, absolutely nothing experiencing ("they also warned of force majeure ...") and quietly tells them that all
very clear, but purely human wonder - what is everyone could stop for three weeks to go to the library and read?
And if they could take and write each of his reason. The results of reflection under the cut.

In love with this version: before did not work - so try and not worth it! Two more reasons spare ...


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