Google has created a virtual museum of Chinese history and art


In 2012, Google has created a non-profit project Google Cultural Institute . This multimedia encyclopedia, and very extensive, where you can find a variety of materials, including historical photographs, videos, manuscripts and everything else.

At the beginning of the life of the project was planned that the materials encyclopedia will cover the period from 1905 to today. Now the project has expanded considerably, moreover, in the Google Cultural Institute appeared virtual museums. Thus, recently opened a virtual gallery-museum of Chinese history, which houses 1,400 exhibits. Gallery covers the period of 5000 s.

All exhibits are scanned, photographed and posted on the website with the relevant background materials. To do all this, the sponsors have spent a lot of time and effort. Suffice it to say that the exhibited virtual exhibits collected from 48 different exhibitions and museums from around the world. There are, for example, and exhibits devoted to "Opium War».

There are exhibits that demonstrate how the emergence of Chinese art and its modern development. The collection includes all the most exemplary specimens of contemporary Chinese art - for connoisseurs itself.


The exhibits are presented individually, and целыми panoramas , which give the ability to view individual museums sector of Chinese history and art.


This whole project is an attempt to bring the disparate elements of a unified system of the history and culture of different nations together. After many exhibits (relating not only to Chinese history, of course), scattered on exhibitions and museums around the world. Often only experts knows where to find one or another important piece, and even then, such information is often difficult to obtain even a venerable scholar. Using the same advanced technology, we can provide access to any person for any artifacts anywhere in the world.

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