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People who love to read (not only criminal news reports or reports of sports matches) differ from people who have not read lyubyat.Razlichiya these are not always very clear, but psychologists (and their colleagues from other fields of medicine) has long been found that reading is useful. Why?

Oh, and some of the reasons seem to people who love to read, something like a self-evident fact. But, believe it or not, not everyone understands all this.
1. Increase the vocabulary to express his thought zapasaUmenie word - is not given at birth. Choose from several alternative terms are correct word aptly reflects the meaning, so that is the problem task. And if to punctuate his speech inserts type "nuuu", "etoooo", "what's his name," then nobody will listen that there was going to say "she." But it is smooth, consisting of the right words, so to speak, attracts vnimanie.Krome other things, reading more and improves literacy rights. After reading hundreds of times the word "hello", few people will have to write "Hello" or distort the word even once.
2. Communicating with people

Some people, imagining a lover of reading, immediately imagine edakogo bookworm in huge glasses and terribly shy. On the contrary, the majority of fans of reading can give a head start in terms of communication skills all the way.
3. Confidence
Getting into a situation where we have to prove any point of view, people, read a lot, most other gets his. Erudition and knowledge of the subject makes us confident.
4. Reading helps to distract

In other words, reading can sometimes serve as a means of relieving stress. Distracted, went to the world of the author's imagination - and That's the problem no longer seems so complicated. Often psychologists recommend reading the abstract for people excessively fixated on any problems.
5. Reading develops memory
Of course, the desire to keep up with the story line, try to remember all the names of the characters (which in some books well, very much) leads to improved memory. We present an enormous amount of detail, reading a book, and it is also helps to improve memory, as well as the development of myshleniya.Kstati, and that gives a reading for you?



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