Microsoft declined to obey court order and issue letters Users

After obtaining a court order from a federal court of the United States to provide the contents of postal correspondence of the user whose data is stored on foreign hosting company Microsoft отказалась obey orders .

This is the first case in history when an American company refuses to comply with a court order to protect its foreign users.

Basically, Microsoft may well expect to win in this process, because data centers in the European Union are not in the jurisdiction of the United States. However, the courage to challenge the decisions of the native government deserves respect. Previously it was assumed that US companies blindly obey orders of his Government. It turns out that someone has the courage to challenge.

July 31, 2014 the judge in the District of Manhattan ruled that Microsoft обязана transmit e-mail messages that are stored in the Irish data center, investigators from the US law enforcement agencies for investigation. However, shortly after this and many international technology companies in the United States protested, because the US government does not have the right to conduct a search and seizure of data in other countries. It is beyond the scope of the law.

Upon receipt of such comments the judge temporarily suspended the requirement for the seizure of Microsoft e-mail user. But then prosecutors still managed to convince the judge that its order is not subject to appeal, so August 29, 2014 she still lifted the suspension, so that Microsoft was forced to comply with the requirement of the court immediately. But she refused to do it.

As already mentioned above, this is the first case in history when an American company refuses to comply with a court order to protect its foreign members. According to Microsoft, and many independent lawyers, the US court has no jurisdiction over the information in other countries. Judicial decision violates the sovereignty of Ireland, so that the authorities need to conclude an intergovernmental agreement with Ireland to get the information that they want.

Very interesting to see how this story will end. Still, Microsoft - it's an American company. She manages the Irish data center with the American territory and hence can get all the necessary data, if it such a desire.



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