Stavropol road junction unleashed

History overhaul two-kilometer section of the street Cosmonauts Stavropol began in March 2013, when the regional Duma deputies, planning to unload the car flow in the southwest area of ​​the city, contributed 201 million rubles to repair the road. Run updated road were another 25 December last year. The plans included the reorganization of all communications, expanding the roadway to four lanes, the device separating the lawn, building rainwater drainage and the construction of the lines of outdoor lighting.

In August 2013 it was planned to hold an auction. Applications filed eight organizations. One of the companies - participants in the auction of "Stavstroymontazh" appealed to the FAS with the complaint properly drawn up the technical conditions of the auction. Antimonopoly Service has agreed with the arguments of the company, it decided to amend the terms of reference to carry out amendments and a new auction. Instead, the committee of municipal services Stavropol city administration signed a contract with the sole supplier of "DMD." CEO Masis Davtyan is currently under investigation on suspicion of embezzlement in the construction of multi-million dollar street Cosmonauts and road Sengileevskaya - Badgers. The investigation is carried out Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior for the Stavropol Territory.

Which lasted more than six months of litigation between the company "DMD" and LLC "Stavstroymontazh" followed, without exaggeration, the entire Stavropol region, have not resulted in any of the parties to the desired victory. As a result, the case was referred by the court in the city of Krasnodar, the Federal Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus region, and on May 21 for reconsideration in the court of first instance, which made completion dates uncertain. Taking into account the wishes and expectations of citizens, the mayor of Stavropol Andrey Dzhatdoev took a resolute decision to unilaterally terminate the contract with the contractor and the conflicting sign a new contract for the construction of a more fair now.

Acting Governor of Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov commented: "Cosmonauts Street - is suffering the subject on which the proceedings are conducted lengthy. Today, I think we have found a solution, and in the next time in this area will continue to work. The result is a complete bypass, which is so necessary in this area of ​​the city ».

Due to constant supervision by V. Vladimirov and the efforts of the city administration Stavropol July 21 to work on the reconstruction of the road started the company, with experience in the Rostov region and involved in local economic showdown - Company TIG "Comtrade". On the road reconstruction employs more than 50 workers and 30 One unit of equipment. The contractor has been put in tight time frame. Work at the site is staggering pace in shifts.
Executive director of the general contractor Andrei Dorokhin assured that the updated road will be operational for travel already by September 1, when the city will begin to live a full life after the holidays and school holidays. Long-suffering backbone, finally found a worthy host. Previous unscrupulous contractors and officials who will probably not agreed and not shared kickbacks could deprive the inhabitants of the province of the road, which plays an important role in the transport system of Stavropol, even indefinitely.

New contractor for only 1 to 5 months in an emergency mode to do the seemingly impossible - losing the object on 1 September. Cosmonauts Street finally -That will open for travel. The main principle of the company were not subject to financial interests, and completion in the shortest possible time.

A team of professionals determines the position of "Comtrade" as one of the leaders of the construction market in the Rostov region, Stavropol and now. Established 19 December 2007, "Trading Investment Group" Comtrade "is the execution of road, building works in the territory of the Rostov Region and Stavropol Territory. Group "Comtrade & quot; It has become one of the largest construction and procurement agencies of the North Caucasus and Southern Russia.

Today the company is a member of SRO "advanced building technologies" (St. Petersburg), which allows you to perform the construction work, including on objects referred to the category of especially dangerous, worth up to 500 million rubles. Great experience and a high level of training allows to carry out a whole range of road and building works. The largest road construction works include: updated roads and streets in Rostov-on-Don, the device is an access road to the ORG "Gazprom" city Millerovo, fire access roads to the oil depot Bataysk.

Responsible approach to work, modern technologies and experienced team of professionals have done their job - Stavropol released at the entrance to the city of traffic jams, thereby creating a favorable environment for motorists. It would be more a story repeated itself with the prospectus Kulakov. But perhaps the "Comtrade" not enough at all.

"In Russia, two misfortunes - fools and roads" - apocryphal phrase attributed to various historical figures: Pushkin, Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin ... In the end is not so important who said it is important that any changes or not. Even in the absence Fool me there anything in respect of roads? If there are more of such companies as "Comtrade", possibly in Russia in the near future trouble with the roads will not be at all.


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