Month with Sony SmartBand

There is not a review of the title product. I try to describe my personal experience with this tracker. For those who do not know what it is, briefly explain what it is - a pedometer, personal data logger activity, "smart" Service in the form of a bracelet from the company Sony. A more detailed review can be found here .
Here I'll write why I bought it and how can I live with it.

Why and how I bought this device h4> I have long wanted to buy something like that. Firstly, because it is long overdue to monitor their health. Every year it becomes more and more obvious. Why are there a year - every time I get up on the scales, I understand that "something must be done with it." Second, I generally like syakie clever things that tell something about the world around me and about myself. I wonder the same as I passed, ran, rode a day, how many of these same harmful calories burned and so forth.
Therefore, being in one of the large chain of electronics stores in a big mall, just walked up to the window with such devices.
There have been several different models, but first and foremost I certainly tried to examples of good raspiarenny JawBone UP24. It is clear that it wanted to see how it works, and whether or not to be friends with my Galaxy Note 2. Alas, sales consultants have not been able to demonstrate it to me - whether something does not work, if the battery is weak. The same problems were with the demonstration of "native" samsungovskogo devices, and Sony is also not able to connect sellers.
By the way, your device from Sony, I noticed in the least, and it's like they say, "is not a bug, but a feature" - the same low-key, which I very cute. In general, to buy something in the store I could not, as consultants, to put it mildly, were not willing to work with these devices. Everything was decided in nearby outlet shop Sony, which Consultant famously set three (!) Applications that need to work SmartBand with my phone. All wound up and worked and I decided it was fate and bought the device.

First Impressions h4> Wow. Yes, I do not like at first. The very low-key, which in this case is the result of elegance and minimalism healthy, I was fascinated. For a month I have not been asked what is this thing in my hand! I do not like "shine" new purchases, so I'm quite happy with it. If you do the opposite - like attract the attention of new device, then with SmartBand it will not be easy.
I liked and application LifeLog, which can not only record the fact that "flew" from a wearable device, but also everything that you do on your phone: read any news, books, play games, take pictures, shoot videos or surf the Internet - all this will be stored as you can see, what, when and where you've been doing. I do not know whether it prakticheki value, but I found it amusing.
Application, as befits a fitness tracker, reflects the number of steps you've walked, minutes sozhёnnyh calories and more. As geymofikatsii boring process of burning calories are used for their purpose and achievement application "rewards" you joyful message.
How many times have written including Habré, one of the most requested features - a "smart" alarm clock that monitors your sleep and wakes up when you wake up is easiest. Wakes vibration, which means that only wakes you and your loved ones can continue to see sweet dreams.
Yes, the "smart" Service works. I started to get up early sometimes (even for half an hour!), But always easy, without this terrible and heavy awakening, which happens when the usual "principle" and not smart alarm clock zhestkokoserdno interrupts your sleep, "the most interesting place».
And yet I liked what SmartBand may report vibration of incoming calls or messages. This is especially useful in the streets, or in noisy places where you have to turn off the phone ring. As well (vibration), the device tells you that you have deleted from your device. I thought it was GTA useful function at work. Probably everyone who works in the office were cases when your neighbor left a long time, leaving your phone on the table? And then the phone starts ringing. Someone very persistent and purposeful really wants to talk to the lack of counterpart and still can not give up. Or call back every five minutes. If you have a neighbor in the office - give him something like SmartBand. I am now without my phone not going anywhere. However, the house have to disable this function manually, and then get rid of the phone will not work - the bracelet will keep you on the "short leash».
And yet, without removing the device, it is possible to wash. At least, I do not take it off when I take a shower. Somewhere in the forums read that one user even in the bath goes without removing SmartBand. But I would not have risked - I think that is soft and elastic band of soft plastic and can not survive the Russian pair.

And now the bad news h4> Alas, as a fitness tracker SmartBand use will not work. Painfully, he is lying often. I noticed it pretty quickly. Drive the car, looked at what was written down my miracle device ... It turned out that I was not driving the car, and then ran, then walked on foot, then just stood there and did nothing. Alas, SmartBand often takes pozdku transport something like running, how walking. Naturally, count calories on this basis, no relation to reality are not. Every day I go for a long time and a lot of transport and "burn" as much calories as not every athlete is able to burn. If you believe the device, I am preparing for a major athletics competitions.
On this sad occasion, I wrote in support Sony, hoping that at least I will answer that, well, we know about this annoying fault, engineers are working day and night on ispraleniem firmware for a device programmers right app for phones. But, alas, in response - silence. But it is an offer to join them (Sony) on the site. After registration is also no revelations about the operation of the device was not able to find me. "Deuce" you service support service Sony, for the work.
In search of solution to the problem found that owners of Sony in the application have to drive modes of transport and cycling. I think that this could solve my problem. But my phone does not this company. Whether I for Sony user of the second grade and they seem to push me to the idea to buy the "right" phone, or whether they simply run in a novelty at first familiar iron and I just need to wait. Hopefully the second, but the silence of support services such grounds does not give.
I also would like to see your logs not only in a mobile application, but also "on the big screen," for example, a Web application. A couple of days and you can scroll through the relatively small screen of my new laptop, but see the month of his life would be better in a more suitable format.

Total h4> If you care about the exact measurements of your fitness activity, then you should not rely SmartBand. If you need a discreet and rather stylish "smart" Service and "leash" for the phone, the device may well come to you. Though I am still just as hard sigh, getting on the scale, but still take the device back in no hurry. Firstly, there is a (weak) hope that the software will bring to mind. Second, not sure if other devices work better.



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