Working in a supermarket

Sold by supermarket chains anonymously told about the crazy customers, working with migrant workers and what vegetables and fruits fall on the shelves.

On your first experience in the trade

I arrived in Moscow from Ryazan in the early eighties to enter the sewing school. For a while she worked in the specialty, and then began restructuring, had to adapt. I got a salesman in a grocery store, it was not what I wanted, but the choice was not particularly. On the state-owned enterprises not only pay less, but withhold wages for months. In the second half of the nineties, the era of markets. The timing was terrible: it is not clear where there are businessmen who have built their business on the concepts, not by law. I got in the stall with groceries. The schedule was week after week, day salary - 100 rubles.

Work was like hell: it was an iron box on the market, in which I was on 12 hours a day. In winter, there was a wild cold, and in summer - the heat impossible. I was constantly sick. Mistress of the stall, two sisters, violated all norms of labor law, forced to recycle. They cheated with taxes and asked if possible not to punch the check. Once I broke through a check inspection of the man, and he wanted me to be fined. My hostess at me while shouting horrible that I did it on their own. But the penalty they have not paid, agreed with the inspector somehow different. But I decided for myself that I will not break the law, even if it cost me my job.
I quit and went to work in the booth with dairy products. There were huge at the time of revenue: 20 thousand per day.

The owner was a young man of 25, who, despite his age, almost every Moscow market had its points. Particularly well things were going at it on the Top crust. Told how the money in bags exported from there. He was very fond of money, always praised for exceeding the plan. Especially my smenschitsa, which for some reason always been performing better than me. Then it turned out, what's the matter: she sold everything I retired. For example, the swollen cream. A needle pierced packaging - was aiming directly grandmother of "Little House in the Country" in the eye. Packing becomes like new, then it acquired an unsuspecting buyer. The owner of the stall, realizing that such an approach is beneficial, I also asked for a needle arm. But I'm not one of them is one thing not to break check when no one punches, but to risk the health of people I did not want. The next day, after a conversation I quit.

Work in the supermarket

In 2002, we opened a supermarket in the area. On the door hung ads that require sellers and cashiers. In the cashiers I did not want to work with money - something more fun. Like all things right vydaёsh and end of shift necessarily shortage is formed, which must cover at their own expense.
I called back the next day and invited to undergo a probationary period. Issued cap, trained to work with weights, issued under the law.
At first I liked: I was amazed that everything is established, it is necessary to throw out expired products, and it only encouraged. And while in the grocery stores worked many Muscovites. I have since I do not believe in rumors that Muscovites do not want to work. It is now working in supermarkets and migrant workers have to search long for someone who speaks in Russian. And then the store could get the students of Moscow State University for the summer. Came and 30-year-old, because those who worked well vendors could become managers. And in this group was the place and I.

The work

At first I was put in the confectionary department. I quickly remembered all brands. And the candy could try and not abuse. Sorry, I do not like candy.
The work was very difficult. I was already in his late thirties, had to carry multikilogram boxes with sweets and biscuits, sweets perefasovyvat centners per day. And yet the whole day on your feet, sit prohibited. I immediately made a schedule: two by two. Since then, he has not changed. I come to eight in the morning, at eleven o'clock we have breakfast - it is 15, maximum 20 minutes. Then at three o'clock lunch break for half an hour. When the store first opened, was still night break for 15 minutes. Then it was canceled, it is a violation of the Labor Code, but no one was indignant. The worst days - when The case of verification. If you come any sanepidemstantsii, no breaks and lunches. The toilet without a fight will not be released. And if the test will find expired products, then everything will hang on you.

A few years later I was transferred to the vegetable department, I was there until now. My duties include packing vegetables weighing. Be sure that on the counter was not damaged goods, and was not empty shelves. Whence they brought fruits and vegetables, can I determine in appearance. Russian fruit and vegetables sold a little bit because it is not profitable store. Domestic apples are stored for five days, and Italian or Chinese year can save the presentation. It is clear that some natural and others - no, but who cares about this is the work? Russian potatoes, carrots or beets always dirty, and imported - almost shine. I have no doubt that the country will not die of hunger, will operate until the ban on imports from countries that do not support Russia. We have a lot of suppliers outside the European Union and the United States. For example, Egypt supplying potato, Chile - grapes and berries, Ecuador - bananas, Morocco - citrus, China - apples and pears, and even from Israel anything can bring! But also that prices will shoot up, I do not doubt.

About visitors

In 2005 appeared the first guest workers. They were movers from Moldova. Then came the janitor from Central Asia, and later they were taken to the sellers and cashiers. Now in the shop there are not more than a dozen employees from Russia. Supermarket, this approach is very convenient. Migrant workers do not make out, wages have doubled below. At any jamb director might say, "That I did not see you tomorrow" - and no one should draw any layoffs. Among the guest workers are normal guys, you can rely on, who does not take time off from work, respects the elders, but in general is that they work in Moscow, as the bees, it is a myth. The truth is that they agree to work in inhuman conditions, and then work as is necessary.
There is a myth that Asian and Muslim nations to respect elders. Kyrgyz call me an old woman, I do not like them, because I abuse them. And I just want to go to the dining room and did not hear the hits Kyrgyz music that they listen to loud mobile. I want to go into the back room and work properly to there at the time, no one prayed. They are, incidentally, very selectively perform Muslim laws. If the dining room give pork, almost no one refuses.

Although, of course, can not be cut all with the same brush. I remember we were working as porters Tajiks. It was a few people from the same family. As soon as they saw that I carry something heavy, throwing everything and go help me. Sorry, they are already gone home. And yet there was a girl from Kyrgyzstan, who came to Moscow in October, and no warm clothes, no money she did not have. I gave her a jacket, a sweater and a hat, which I still have on my daughter. She either out of gratitude, whether by virtue of his responsibility has always worked well for vegetables: for all of the following and do not be late.


Our store - near the metro. An endless stream of people. No six in the morning or at midnight is not deserted. Of course, among so many people get crazy. Typically, older people. The day comes several grandmothers who begin to shout at me, they say, the best currently takin, and offered for sale the worst. They are still mentally in the Soviet Union and accuse me personally at high prices. I try not to pay attention to them and serve with maximum politeness. Although youth is striking. Came one 20-year-old man, he bought a sack of potatoes at five pounds. My work is constructed as follows: me on the scales buyers put their bags, I weigh and glue them on the sticker price. If I raise them myself, I'm just going to die. And he put the truck next to me and wanted me to this bag itself perched on the scales.

I missed him and started to serve those who stood next in line. This angered asshole, and with all the dope he pushed the cart into my stomach. It was, of course, hurt, and unpleasant. I started to stand up for other buyers, and he began to call the manager. And he said, which requires me to apologize. I then said that I will write a statement rather than sorry. The manager apologized itself. Although, in my opinion, these need to hand over to the police. But while many polite people. I know the local streets, asking how the health and congratulations to the holidays. There are a few regular customers who come into the store to talk to, and if I have free time, I certainly sympathize and health problems and turmoil in the lives of children. They told me they even give gifts: candy, souvenirs from vacation and cosmetics.

About salary

\ I pay about 20 thousand rubles a month. Do migrant workers may be half, and maybe more, if they bought the documents. I recently saw an ad in the neighboring supermarket, there promises to pay 30 thousand rubles. I do not know what's the catch. But I do not want a job change, I hope to finalize until retirement, and then the kids get on their feet. Health is not the same for the job. But soon should be easier: we have introduced self-service in the department, I will not have to constantly be on the trading floor.


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