Home Alone again, two Home Alone

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Director: Chris Columbus
Budget: $ 18 million
Charges in the United States: $ 285,761,243
Charges in the world: + $ 190,923,432 = $ 476,684,675

In the scene with the spider on the face of the actor Daniel Stern real tarantula. Most interesting is that the actor had to portray a face of horror and cry for no sound as loud cry could scare the spider, and the consequences would have been terrible. Shooting scene went well, with the first take. And the sound was recorded later.

On the role of Harry invited Robert De Niro, but he declined the offer.
In the scene where Harry biting the finger of Kevin, Joe Pesci actually biting finger Culkin, leaving a scar on his finger.
Macaulay Culkin fee amounted to 100 thousand dollars.

The film, which looks at Kevin on the VCR does not exist in nature. This piece was specially filmed for the movie. It is called "Angels with stained souls».
Joe Pesci, who played a funny thief before the filming of "Home Alone" is always listed in the ranks of heroes militants and dramas. He had a scandalous and constantly swearing. When one day Pesci again swore Macaulay Culkin near Young, director Chris Columbus called the actor, and asked him to follow the language. As a result, when Joe Pesci matyugnutsya wanted, he said, fridge.

Father Macaulay - Kit Culkin - was prudent businessman, and tried to "knock out" of the producers of "buck". He came up with a story that Macaulay is very attached to his younger brother Kieran (which was not true). In the end, the producers were forced to take him to the role of Fuller. During the filming father demanded for him a fee of $ 3, 000 per day, which was several times greater than the amount specified in the contract.

Legend has it that Elvis Presley, who died in 1977, played a cameo role in the film. Many of those who believe that the King is alive, confident that the bearded man, who stands behind the mother of Kevin, - and there is Elvis.

In the pictures that Kevin found in a box in Buzz, supposedly his girl. In fact, the pictures boy who was stylized girl. Chris Columbus believed that making fun of the girl in such a way - not good.

Recorder "Tokboy» (Talkboy), which uses Kevin, was a concept model in the real world does not exist. But according to numerous requests of fans of the film, this model went on sale.

The scheme of the battle with the robbers, who drew Kevin, and in fact was made Macaulay Culkin.

Despite the presence in the film scenes of "violence", which adjusts Kevin robbers, actors performing their roles, not too suffered. So, you probably will be much easier if you learn that Christmas decorations, which came Marvin made of candy, and bare feet actor wore rubber pads.

In Poland, around the movie "Home Alone" was formed a cult. His love, parody and discussed so far. Since the release of the comedy shows on Polish TV each year for several times.

John Candy came and filmed all his scenes at the airport for 23 hours. Moments of the film, in which a cute stranger helps a mother desperate to get home, were shot per day. And this despite the fact that time is allocated much more. At that time, the actor John Candy was on the wave, and in order to keep up with their schedule to perform he had to work with little or no sleep. Perhaps it has affected that in 4 years he died at the age of 43 years.

In the movie "Dogma" muse Serendipity (Salma Hayek) argues that "19 of the 20 highest grossing films of the century - my job. 20th was about a boy. He was alone at home, the robbers broke, and he overcame them. But it's not my project. Someone sold his soul to the devil in order to earn money for this shit. »

The official logo of films, Kevin, screaming pressed his hands to the face, was based on Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream».

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Country: United States
Director: Chris Columbus
Budget: $ 18 million
Charges in the United States: $ 173,585,516
Charges in the world: + $ 185,406,165 = $ 358,991,681

For filming scenes with the actress Brenda Fricker, who played in the movie lady in the central park, plastered pigeons, pigeon invited to a special coach with hand pigeons.

Macaulay Culkin received a fee of $ 8 million for their participation in the sequel. At that time it was the most valuable check made out to the name of the 12-year-old boy.
In the role of the hotel doorman starred the then unknown actor Rob Schneider.

A few weeks after the release of pictures on the screens, the company «Tiger Electronics» released a version of this toy Talkboy (compact cassette) that Kevin is widely used in the course of the film. As in the movie, she could process a child's voice in voice with the intonation of an adult male. Moreover, against the background of success has been released and the female model toys called Talkgirl. This version was designed for girls and could speak accordingly female voice. She, too, was wildly popular.

In the scene where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) enters the hotel "Plaza" and asks a passer - "Where is the hall?", He meets a famous American businessman - Donald Trump, who was at that time the owner of the hotel itself.

"House Mc Callister" is located at 671 Lincoln Avenue in the village of Winnetka in Chicago. In the film of his innards were filmed in kitchen, front hall with the main staircase, basement and several rooms on the ground floor. Dining room and all the other rooms are decorations. Private property, since August 2008, is worth about 2, 3 million dollars. It was built in 1920, has 5 bedrooms, 3, 5 bathroom, mansard, fireplace, separate double garage and conservatory. Was bought by a family of 15 December 1988, which owns it today. Entered in the list of tourist attractions in Illinois, has a sort of slogan "How to take your home into a movie." "Treehouse" was shot in the backyard of the house, but it was built specifically for the film, and so it no longer exists.


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