On the run

They say, good friends do not roll on the road ... oh ... I can assure you there with my all ...)

General anesthesia - is when the patient goes to sleep with the entire medical staff

So autumn has come ... Soon the winter comes ... Then the end of the world ... and then New Year's Eve ...

 - Darling, but you grew up in the ass!
 - Doctor, it's dangerous?
 - No. But tin soldiers I on your place would still pulled ...

Pessimist when the washing machine gets an odd number of socks, thinking: Damn, the sock is missing, and an optimist: Wow, extra socks!

And the evening is so beautiful that I want to get drunk in a light romantic govnetso ...

I look at you and think: you're still a no-no, yes, sipping from a hoof!))

Madam, how much you had husbands? - His?

 - What is the matter with the reception which the brain atrophy and a person ceases to be responsible for their actions? - Seeds!

 - Honey, I paid an annual bonus! Let's go buy you a mink coat!
 - Oh, I'm so tired today, and my head hurts something. Come another time ...

New version of the Kama Sutra for the Jews.
All pictures present mom and still advises !!!

High technology in 20 years:
 - Masha, I have razor money ran out, Throw me with iron!

Bachelor - being defenseless because hornless.

President of SAMSUNG afraid to eat apples on people suddenly photographed with bitten.

Hammer thrower, play on the river in the stones, knocked out teeth fisherman on the other side.


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