What did you do in the classroom. School Games in the USSR

1. "Points»
Strategy paper - a game for you and your neighbor's party. Props: 2 piece of the cell and 2 handles with pasta of different colors. Rules of the game: the players alternately put currents at the intersection of cell lines and on these points create a contiguous area of ​​"their" colors, while in the area surrounding dot-smoking and one, and the other players. Goal: to create more such closed areas.

2. "Coins»
Gamble. Props: coins (first version), inserts of chewing gum (the second option). Rules of the game: Each player owns a stack of coins. In turn the players must hit the same coin stack neighbor "chock" (his coin). Those coins that overturned "eagle" up, the player takes. Also received and paper liners, so the collection of paper liners were very shabby look.
With coins is one more distraction, drawing. Coin is covered with paper and pencil lead on top, get the impression coins.

3. "The Fortune Teller - sekretnitsy»
This was a major fad girls. For example, each page containing certain prediction fortune tellers or any wrapper. We had to call the number of the page at random - and opens treasured forecast page, for example, for the next lesson or evening. The same principle had been arranged and "sekretnitsy." With them, the girls shared with each other their secrets.

4. "Tankzors»
«Words of tanks» Soviet times, but for two players. On a double sheet of paint "Tankzors" two opponents, then during your turn, each player puts a bullet at the end of the barrel of a "his" tank. Then the sheet is folded and this point is copied to the field of the opponent. If the "shell" hit the enemy tank, it is destroyed. By the way, the tanks were allowed dorisovyvat throughout the game.


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