Toilet with a surprise

The author writes: There is a toilet at the underground shopping center "River StationĀ».
Drank beer, decided to look.
I go, SSA, and bored gaze at graffiti. Sometimes there is quite a zachotno verses occur.
On the number of wise sayings like "x * k" or "* VCL in x * y. Tel. 8 (926) xxx-xx-xx "I do not keep silence teksteg to inflate.
Voschim catches my eye otetot comment on oh ** Sheha visitor:

Kagbe me and it never occurred to the ceiling for smaret aim right. And then just like in the guide read about the sights of local and decided to look ...

Torial wise man building materials purchased. Not only can focus on locks with their eyes-indicators "free-busy" ... no, well kagbe Respect builders cho. The best way to inform about the number of booths found! By the way, this is not the worst option. Toilets and such are:


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