Pivothead: Sunglasses with HD camera

Habré already mentioned several times Pivothead - hi-tech sunglasses (by the way, quite stylish), which can serve as a home DVR.

At the same time, along with sunglasses manufacturer and sells various lenses, including optical, so that the glasses can be used not to protect from the sun, and ... well, as glasses for people with poor eyesight.

By the way, here's an example of a video produced by the camera points:

Key features Pivothead h4>
 The device, as already mentioned, has a built-in HD-camera. The camera allows you to write everything that comes in the way, as well as family parties, meetings, hikes and all.

Itself, and can receive photographs, not only video. Matrix resolution Camera - 8MP.

All data are stored on the internal flash drive capacity of 16 GB. For developers sell their glasses and all sorts of add-ons, including, for example, an external hard drive AIR SYNC, where you can store up to 6 hours of video (download data maintained by cable USB).

AIR SYNC is also equipped and WiFi module, so that the device can be connected to your home or work network, as well as form Wifi bridge c to simultaneously connect to the Internet 6 people.

Glasses weigh very little - only 50 grams, so are unlikely to interfere with the owner. Due to the presence of high-quality lenses at all points can be forgotten.

In lenses, by the way, several types of coverage:

  • Coverage from scratches;
  • Coverage Revo;
  • The hydrophobic coating;
  • antialiasing;
  • Gold and silver plating / filters.

    The material from which made frame - hypoallergenic.

    The manufacturer offers several models of glasses Pivoted, but in this case they differ only in design, all the characteristics of different models - are similar.

    Product Features: h4>

    • The sensor matrix: Sony Image Sensor, CMOS, 8MP
    • Video Resolution / modes: 1080p * 30fps | 720p * 60fps | 720p * 30fps
    • Photo resolution: 3264x2448
    • Focus: Automatic
    • File Format: MP4, H.264
    • RAM: 2Gb
    • ISO: Auto | 200 | 800 | 1600
    • View angle: 75 degrees
    • Fixing a date / time snapshot: Yes
    • Microphone: AAC MONO, max 44.1 kHz
    • OS Compatibility: Mac | PC | Android | IOS
    • Memory: Built-in, 8GB
    • Battery: Rechargeable, 3.7V Li-Polymer / 440mAh
    • Connection Interface PC: USB 2.0
       The device can be connected to a PC running Windows, Linux, Mac.

      Points can also be controlled from a smartphone, for which developers have created applications for the Android OS and iOS:

      Pricing & Order h4>
       Order glasses can have manufacturer and costs $ 199, or in Russia, leaving a request for notification of the availability of goods on the site Medgadgets .

      Source: habrahabr.ru/company/medgadgets/blog/230195/


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