Fair game

There just stories with plumber is not connected! Won in the German cinema it a subgenre dedicated.
Our history in this category does not apply. It is more traditional, or something.
Arrived as a team in the amount of two people to clean the drain in the apartment block of flats. Checked - really not an ounce of fluid does not leave, removed the rope began to be screwed into the riser. Screw-long rope went into the hole nemeryannom, but because a fair hangover guys attention is not paid completely.
A cable between mysteriously hitting in the auxiliary branch, headed for the trap on the floor above, and lifting the plastic protection drain, stirring uzhik showed up in the kitchen. The kitchen was small, the window was next to the sink, and the wire as something very natural to begin to wind over the kitchen curtains.
Curtains is wrapped all the way. At this time, guys, plumbing began to slowly pull the rope. Who came into the kitchen the owner saw the ending of this surreal paintings: "Curtains, crawls down the drain." Being nerobkogo dozen, he jumped at the tip of the cloth. The guys felt resistance, redoubled their efforts, and then called for help host. The forces were unequal, and the cable together with the extraction disappeared in the sink.
Opinions about the fact that you need to dozhitsya to tuck the curtains in the sink, could be heard far outside the apartment.


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