Quadrocopter helps the photographer to exhibit light for shooting

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University taught quadrocopter working as an assistant photographer . Flying robot helps expose backlight (light source positioned behind the model, which emphasizes its path, creating a luminous halo). Correct backlight requires fine tuning - the slightest change of the model or camera makes halo too thin or vice versa, too thick.

Robot in real time watching the picture from the camera and changes its position so that the glowing outline Saves the photographer thickness. In addition, the built lidar allows him to maintain a constant distance from the model. The experiments were performed in the laboratory with the system Motion Capture, which tracks drone to the millimeter, but according to scientists, this is due only to the fact that they wanted to focus on an algorithm that analyzes the image from the camera. For practical applications is sufficient that the positioning accuracy, which can provide a built-in sensors.

Source: habrahabr.ru/post/229669/


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