Photos changed the world (23 photos)

"Shot killer John F. Kennedy" Oswald brought out. I clench my camera. Police restrain the pressure of the townspeople. Oswald took a few steps. I press the shutter release. As soon as the shots rang out, I pulled the trigger again, but my flash did not have time to recharge. I started to worry about the first photo, and two hours later I went to show pictures. "- Robert H. Jackson

"The boy with a grenade" Innocent little boy with a toy grenade in his hand - a well-known work of the photographer Diane Arbus. The boy's name - Colin Wood, son of the famous tennis player Sidney Wood. In his right hand the boy compresses a grenade in his left hand is empty. Child's face shows not the terror, fear not. Diane long her choose the right camera angle, in the end the guy broke down and cried, "Take off already!". In 2005, the picture was sold for $ 408, 000.

"Save the kitty!" No, this is not a photograph of a Korean restaurant. This kitten Helulu decided to check that the owners are preparing for dinner, and plunged into a pot of noodles.

"Trunks" Street punks, threatening the photographer gun. Yes, a child of 11 years old, and the gun in his hands a toy. He's just playing his game. But if you look closely, no games in his eyes you will not see.

"The most famous kiss" This kiss was the first of this kind in photography, which recognized all over America. Picture taken in a public place, and its creator has been on trial for "spying". However, the spread of photos that did not stop.

"Her name - Margaret Hamel" This picture is made by Edward Weston - a classic in its purest form. More and nothing to add.

"Torment Omairy" November 13, 1985. The eruption of Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia). Mountain snow melts, and the mass of mud, water and land thickness of 50 meters literally razed everything in its path. The number of deaths exceeded 23,000 people. The disaster has received tremendous response around the world, partly due to photos of a little girl named Omaira Sanchaz. She was trapped - by a thinner neck, her legs were trapped in the concrete structure of the house. Rescuers were trying to pump mud and release the child, but in vain. The girl stayed three days, then caught by several viruses. Recalls journalist Christina Echandia, near all the time, Omaira sang and communicate with others. She was scared and she always wanted to drink, but kept very brave. On the third night she began to hallucinate. The photo was taken a few hours before death. Photographer - Frank Fournier.

"Country Doctor" In 1948, the photographer by the name of Smith went to Colorado to photograph the work of a local doctor for the magazine "Life". This photo was first brought Smith enormous popularity, although this photographer worked with American soldiers in the Pacific during the war. "In the art of photography is hidden a great power, which can be opened, if properly handle it," - he said.

"Traps" Curious man with a dog got into neatly arranged photographer trap.

"Traps. Prelude "The artist depicts a portrait of a naked girl dressed. The plot, thoughtful photographer, in order to observe the reaction of others passersby.

"Picasso" Look at the bread! All four fingers! So I decided to call this photo "Picasso" - Picasso said to his friend, the photographer Duvanuoshi.

"A spinning Weng" photo shots Duvanoushi, in 1953. During this period, he took quite a lot of photos "passionate snail" - as it is called public. Weng worked in the circus, showing something like a striptease. She danced alone in the dark. Photo is well illustrated by the contrast of day and night.

"Roadside shops" Just a few years before the "Great Depression" the United States. Shops are filled with fish, vegetables and fruits. Picture taken in Alabama, near the railway.

"Broken Mirror" Two bully broke the mirror and began to pick up the pieces. The other children with interest and guilt watch for a while, while the world around them continues to live his life.

"Little adults" Three American girls gossiping on one of the alleys of Sevilla, Spain. For a long time post card with this image was the most popular in the United States.

"Winston Churchill" January 27, 1941, Churchill went to the photo studio on the 10 Downing Street to do some of his portraits that demonstrate his fortitude and determination. However, his opinion does not matter that I was too relaxed - with a cigar in hand, the great man did not match the image that the photographer wanted to get Yosuf Karsh (Yousuf Karsh). He went to the great politician and abruptly pulled the cigar directly from his mouth. The results are slightly higher. Churchill angrily looks at the photographer, who, in turn, presses the trigger. Thus, humanity has received one of the most famous portrait of Winston Churchill.

"Retreat" Retreat US Marine Corps in 1950 because of the inhuman cold. During the Korean War, General MacArthur overestimated his chances, and he was absolutely sure of the success of the campaign. So he thought to counter-attack the Chinese troops and then uttered his famous phrase: "Retreat! Because we are moving in the wrong direction! "

"Naked Runner" In 1975, during the final rugby in England, gathered in the stands all the main people of the country - its majesty and his entourage, known politicians ... Naked Aussie Michael makes "an honorary circle" around the stadium. According to rumors, the queen fainted. Runner was sentenced to three months in prison.

"Homework" We do not have a picture of a particular topic, but the frame is quite famous. Boy proudly marching home, holding two huge bottles of alcohol. His face radiates joy and sense of accomplishment. Girls in the background can not hide admiration.

"Famine in Sudan" Author - Kevin Carter - Pulittserskuyu received the award in 1994 for his work. The card shows a Sudanese girl, bent over from hunger. Soon she will die, and a large condor in the background is ready for it. Photo shocked the entire civilized world. On the origin of the girls do not know anyone, including the photographer. He made a frame, drove predator and looked like a child leaves. Kevin Carter was a member of a group of photographers "Bang Bang Club" - four fearless photojournalists traveling to Africa in search of fotosensatsy. Two months after receiving the award, Carter committed suicide. Perhaps haunted by horrific memories of what he saw in Sudan.

"Marilyn" Marilyn Monroe. During shooting, the girl looked away, giving the picture more charm, mystery and mood.

"Suffering in his eyes" During the winter of 1948 and spring of 1949, Henri Cartier Bresson traveled with his camera in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. This photograph was taken in Nanjing. The photo shows all the starving people of the rice.

"When you ..." Terry Thompson and decide who will start (or finish?) Dinner. Hamster Jim did not know that the table is now served him. All three - Mark Andrew pets. Outside of the lens, this trio - wonderful and loyal comrades!



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