Museum of Air Defense // Part 1

Europe's only museum of the history of air defense forces working since 1978 in the village of Zarya Moscow region. In those years, the army air defense consisted of fighter aircraft, air defense forces and radio, parts of the missile and space defense, electronic warfare units. The military defense carried out their international duty in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa. All this is reflected in the museum. Assembled a collection of artifacts has more than 16 thousand units, 400 of which - the actual samples of military equipment and weapons, starting from 1914. In the first part I will talk about two halls inside of the exposure to the second move to an open area inspected.

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1. On the way from the station to the museum, met the first attribute of the military settlement.

2. A little further - Sava Storozhevsky church, built in 1999 and assigned to the Air Staff.

3. Next to the monument to the officer's wife.

4. On the tiny pedestrian zone of the village - a monument to aviators.

5. Fast forward to the museum. The first room is devoted to the history of Air Defense Forces in the period from 1914 to 1945.

6. In the middle of the hall is a three-inch mountain gun Model 1909 system with a brand of Schneider Putilov 1918.

7. On the windows - the gun quadrant.

8. Items pilot.

9. hiking kit. There were times when all the tablets were the same size.

10. The right side of the hall is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

11. quad anti-aircraft gun of the sample in 1931 on the basis of machine gun "Maxim" for shooting at low-altitude air targets.

12. Launcher anti-aircraft machine gun DSK.


14. The control unit artillery fire PUAZO-4.

15. The goniometer "Volga" unit equipment radar P-8. It is used to determine the target altitude.

16. Model 85-mm anti-aircraft guns mod. 1939.

17. The German edged weapons and awards.

18. Compass bomber Ju-88.

19. A piece of skin bomber Heinkel-111, I-16 protaranennogo Victor Talalikhina on the night of August 7, 1941.

20. Bust of Talalikhina against the backdrop of the hero-cities.


22. One of the walls of the hall is almost completely covers the diorama "The air defense of Moscow in July 1941." Its author - the Honoured Artist of the RSFSR N. Semenov, 1976. The diorama devoted to the reflection of the first massive raid Nazi air to Moscow on the night of July 22, 1941.

23. As part of the diorama is a real "laptёzhnik" Junkers Ju-87.

24. The exposition of the second hall is dedicated to the development of Air Defense Forces from the postwar period to the present day. Pr input coupled meets 14, 5-mm anti-aircraft gun ZU-2.

25. The room contains models of air defense missiles and the control and guidance system.

26. Air gun A-12, 7, aircraft guns, HP-23 and H-37D.

27. R-60 in the section. This is the first Soviet guided missile melee, adopted in 1974.

28. The unit for homing missiles "air-air" medium-range R-27.

29. Small memory Batitsky Paul, commander of air defense in 1966-1978 years. It was he who is credited with the creation of the museum.

30. Showcase dedicated to three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Pokryshkin held in the postwar years, high-level positions in the leadership of the Air Defense Forces.

31. Posters and cards speak for themselves.


33. Ejection seat K-36DM - one of the most reliable in the world, saved the lives of many a fighter pilot.


35. The switch of the sample in 1952.

36. The equipment of automated control system radar post VP-02u, part of the complex automated system of "Air-1."


38. Layout of radar post.

39. The layout of modern mobile radar.

40. Layout radar "DTV."

41. Model Don-2N. By the way, in the museum of the same layout radar worse.

42. Layout firing system of the A-35M.

43. The most interesting exhibits - original elements of American aircraft shot down by Soviet air defense forces.

44. Remains of the US intelligence drifting balloon shot down 3 July 1973.

45. Radiorazvedchik launched in Finland and downed September 9, 1969, 70 km from Murmansk.

46. ​​Chip Israeli F-4 was shot down in the sky for the first time in Egypt June 30, 1970.

47. Finally, the most impressive exhibits - of the spy plane U-2 was shot down May 1, 1960 (the pilot Powers).

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