The story of how a dog to adopt a cat

Kitty named Ishimi (Ichimi) was rejected by his mother at birth. Her chances of survival were minimal. But Ishimi very lucky, she got into the house in which she was surrounded with love and care.

Golden Retriever Ponzu loved at first sight a little kitten. He was not only the best friend and protector Ishimi, but rather her mother. Ishimi hardly would have found a caring guardian than Ponzu.

Ponzu before willingly took care of abandoned kittens. So Ishimi lucky in the fact that it came to a qualified guardian who is an expert in the case.

All kittens who "educate" Ponzi already found new families. Golden Retriever very yearned for him, he walked with a long tail lowered, looking for kittens around the house. And when he saw Ishimi between them once established some kind of special relationship.

And now they are inseparable. Sweet Couple: adult dog Ponzu and small kitty Ishimi.

They do absolutely everything together. And they do it admirably.



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