Paroelektricheskaya barrel organ "Full fly away"

After much thought, the more that it was not clear on what a start. In the end, I caught the word "Soul Plane", why not a concept for the design? Painted several versions, eventually my imagination wandering in the labyrinth of consciousness led me far enough. The result was a vehicle with speakers, motors handed down on lattice pylons at the top of the cylindrical body, is fezyulyazha docking station for iPhone - aka the bridge. On the iPhone screen can display the image of its owner, and will be the impression that he was behind the controls of the aircraft. Located on the front of the tab energopoglotitel aka proigrvatel CD, on the sides, in the fuel tanks are music player with flash and a motorized volume control. Monitoring of engine power continuously displayed on the two dial gauge, the other controls are in close proximity to the chassis.

Video of the creation of engineering)


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