Gloomy Mountains

Dombay, Karachay-Cherkessia, territory Teberdinsky reservation.

Tooth Sufrudzhu

Glaciers in the clouds ...


And the setting sun illuminated

Landscapes are not less beautiful in cloudy weather

Bizarre-shaped cloud

From the cockpit trailer ropeway

Dombay ...

Mystic ... or just beautiful

Cabs cable car through the nothingness

... And people like nowhere

Lumina ...

Lakeland albeit small ... but now it is above the clouds

Breathtaking ... this photo does not convey

Waterfall Dzhuguturluchat and also above the clouds

Unusual frame turned

The peaks in the clouds

by Mussa-Achitara, lifting the beginning ...

The climb to 3012 m.

Darkly ... and beautiful ...

Soon the rain ...

Pass Gumbashi

Pass Gumbashi ... in good weather can be seen from here Elbrus ... and in this weather can be 100 meters did not see))

Earth like something covered ...

Walk lonely cloud

at the top of Mussa-Achitara, 3012 m.

Above the valley overcast

in the cafe you can warm tea

Well, almost in the cloud ...

on top, perhaps even more interesting))

And this is the day!

Again pass Gumbashi and, of course, can not see Elbrus!


A little brighter and has nicely)

Obvivaya mountains ...

Again on Moussa Achitara

Glacier Alibeksky

Dzhuguturluchatsky glacier

and the latter in the subject.
Great feeling when you're at the height of 3012 m.,
and beneath you passing clouds ... And despite the fact that the temperature is + 5-10, and you in his shirt, admiration is no limit! I advise everyone!

Photographer Senmuth



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