Interesting facts about the movie studio Marvel

Most of the characters comic Ā«MarvelĀ» live in the same fictional universe, called the Earth-616.

Employees of Marvel received a letter asking for help from the mother of 4-year-old boy, Anthony Smith. The child is almost completely lost his hearing, and he had to wear a hearing aid, but he refused to do it, because superheroes do not use such devices. In Marvel immediately remembered one of the comics about Hawkeye, when he was forced to wear a hearing aid because of the injury. Artists painted a special issue of combining Hawkeye with a new hero The Blue Ear, created in the image of Anthony, who says: "Thanks to my machine I can hear the cries for help from anyone who is in trouble!". After receiving a gift by Marvel these figures, the boy gladly began putting the device.

In the early '90s, Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel ... just to play Spider-Man has produced his own movie ...

As is known in the US mass of strange laws. One of these laws, the import of toys similar to humans is subject to additional fees, which are not subject to other toys. Marvel successfully prove in court that their toys X-Men are mutants, thus freeing themselves from additional taxes.

In 1970 Planned Parenthood in conjunction with Marvel Comics released a strange movie about Spider-Man, which was supposed to scare teenagers from having unprotected sex.

The search for young actors for the role of Harley, a boy, whom Tony Stark meets in Tennessee, were conducted across the country. As a result, the role of the young actor got Ty Simpkins, whose interaction with Robert Downey Jr. During the trial impressed filmmakers. It is not difficult to imagine how surprised Tai when he personally called Robert Downey Jr., To announce that he was cast.

Hugh Jackman while filming X-Men, in order to be visible on the screen of his raging anger, before the shooting took an icy shower.

Roadster Acura Tony Stark is neither a concept sports car dealership in 2012, no prototype of a next-generation hybrid sports car Acura 2015. It was designed specifically for the film chief designer of Honda North America Dave Marek. The basis for the car served as a sports car in 1991 from Arizona with 252,000 miles. The interior of the car in the film is almost a template, and has the original cassette player on the panel.

Edward Norton was originally approved for the role of the Hulk, but the talks between him and Marvel Studios were unsuccessful. As a result, Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo.

To prepare for the role of an agent Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Jeremy Renner trained with Olympic archers.

Shirt Tony Stark tour with Black Sabbath in 1978. It was the last round of the group with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, with a promising while band Van Halen as the opening act.

To add realism to the battle scene of the attack on New York, had been hired 25 people from the 391 Military Police Battalion Ohio.

Chris Evans refused the role of the First Avenger three times before agreeing to participate. She convinces him to do the director and producer of the film.

They became known the news of the shooting of a new movie Black Widow of Marvel Comics. Natasha Romanov, the main character will be played by actress Scarlett Johansson, has already signed a contract with the studio comics.
In this film, a Russian spy, which first appeared in the film of the second Iron Man, will meet with his dark past and, ultimately, change. This, in turn, believes the creator of films, radically change the attitude of the audience and to the charming girl.
The development of the plot of the film is still in strict secrecy. And, as Kevin said Faig manufacturer comics decided to shoot a movie after a significant expansion of the role of Natasha Romanova in the second part of the First Avenger

Captain America Chris Evans has previously played a super-hero - Johnny Storm, "human torch" in the comic book movie "Marvel" "Fantastic Four." Therefore, the studio was forced to officially give up a few good scripts his next film in which Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm were to operate simultaneously.

The real trouble was on the set with costume Hemsforta Chris, played Thor. His trousers, consisting of leather, velvet and metal four exploded in the most interesting place cost Chris just start making sharp movements in the frame. As a result, trousers had to be replaced by other, more simple design, but fellow actor for a long time could not calm down and messed up a lot of doubles, since improper giggle worth Hemsfortu only rotate or tilt.


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