Charming village

With what do you associate the village? People from all over the world will give different answers. Some towns are so beautiful that their village and called the language does not turn. Lets go over these points of the planet?


Papaya village. This small amount huddled together fragile and dilapidated houses in the northwest of Malta in the bay anchor. Photo: Mosin.


The Republic of Mali in West Africa - and the vast impoverished state. Here reigns debilitating heat, but the many attractions that attracts a lot of tourists to the region. And yet - the great good fortune to live in a village on the banks of the river. Here, at least, there is water. Photo: Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


Perhaps China can be called the most unusual country in the world. Such contrasts in the nature, buildings, traditions found nowhere else in the world. A small secluded village in South China. Photo: Cristina Ortiz.


It is classically beautiful. Classically qualitatively. And classic cozy. South-western outskirts of Great Britain. Photo: Bob Small.

New Zealand

None eye of the world do not miss the opportunity to see the unique and legendary village that is fictional, but there is. Photo: Veta Workshop.


Riomaggiore - it's not just a village, village or province. It is the whole commune in the valley of Liguria in the province of La Spezia, where they live by their rules. Absolutely everyone who had a chance to visit these places, argue that there captivating and enveloping atmosphere that gently sucks and urges: "Stay here, my friend, stay a little longer!" Escape is impossible. Photo: James Brandon.


Mountain village. Hastily put together on the rocks pitches houses tightly stuck on like a honeycomb. People immediately affected by the earthquake in 2013, and it seems that they are destined to live in such conditions for years. Nevertheless mastered, conducted electricity, water. Live! Photo: Mohammad Momeni.


Just a seaside village in Africa. Very cute and unusual, which is probably worth it to her capture. Photo: Michael Poljica.


Hallstatt - a municipality in the district of Gmunden, galdshtadskoy center of culture, is a protected monument among the UNESCO heritage list. There lives no more than 1000 people. Photo: authorship is not established.

Faroe Islands

The islands are located between Scotland and Iceland. Here there were many villages of this type. This hamlet Gasadalur. Here lives of 16 people, and the remaining houses are empty. Photo: Gareth Codd.


Small village in the Himalayas, preserved traces of ancient Tibetan architecture. Incidentally, the Tibetans remarkable talent lay adobe houses. They know how to do a very solid foundation, which is difficult even explode. Photo: kulbov Fe.


Fortress "Star Burtanzh." Built in 1953 on the orders of William I of Orange (the Silent), so you can control the only land route between Germany and Groningemom. Today the castle is part of the village of the same name. Photo: Jan Koster.


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