Sauerkraut Chinese surprised

The last ten years I have been living in Harbin. Living in a country with unusual Russian culinary traditions stomach causes the body to the requirements of simple Russian dishes. One of my favorite - it sauerkraut. Crisp, refreshing, but with sweet butter!

Author: Sergey Gribin

The main problem for pickling in China - is to find dill and horseradish leaves. Neither one nor the other is the day the fire will not find! Dill, of course, you can substitute fennel, it is very similar in appearance to it, but the pickles with fennel will give some hospital spirit - not recommended! I salted cabbage in different ways and through trial and error found one recipe that gave a very good effect when testing the finished product "to the Chinese." The first way - our traditional, made sour cabbage in which our grandparents and more distant ancestors. Finely cutting a cabbage and carrots in a ratio of 4 to 1, fill a large bowl, add a handful of salt and a tablespoon of sugar and a long and heavy panting mnesh plaintively crunchy yummy until the juice. Empty the contents of the pelvis, reduce, by the way, almost doubled in a large container, whisks sweat and again planed cabbage, carrots you rub, fill the salt-sugar and mnesh and mnesh and mnesh ...

Phew! I remember so much of the back starts to hurt ... Heavy is a way. Especially if you want a lot and immediately ... The second way is easier. Shinkuesh cabbage and carrots you rub the same way as for the first prescription. Varish brine (brine): 1 liter of water - 2 tablespoons of salt, black peppercorns and bay leaf, how many do not mind. In a little cooled brine add for every two liters of water a tablespoon of vinegar, wine better. Fill slaw, carrot and brine every day for three days to pierce the thick cabbage any sharp longer subject to "letting off gas" from the bottom of the tank.

The most long and tedious, and in the first and in the second method is chopping and shredding cabbage carrots. It is in order to maximize facilitate this process, I brought back from Russia after a visit to my native Vladivostok our cabbage shredder. It's such a long-board tray is embedded in the middle of an angle sharp metal blades for cutting cabbage. Our Russian customs with a mischievous squint looked on proudly sticking out of a standard bag-pomogayki "cabbage board with knives" and asked me with a clear understanding: "What, sauerkraut in exile wanted?" "Very true, sir customs!" - I responded, removing their bags with the inspection table. On the Chinese side there the Suifenhe customs "cabbage apparatus" saw for the first time and they are very interested ... Probably thought it was some kind of secret weapon that I bellied bearded Russian uncle, I'm taking for a test on the Chinese. Moreover, the very cunning of my mission is precisely to push through this miracle technique right under the noses of the "Vigil" customs staff and then probably get the highest award of the country for an unprecedented feat spy! They twirled my poor shredder in the hands of a few minutes, tapping a finger on it and listened to the sound of gently tried the sharpness of knives, they asked me about something on his bluff and guttural language.

When the situation escalated enough suspicion, I quickly remembered the names of cabbage and carrots in Chinese ("Bai Cai" and "xy Luobei County") and began to show border guards method of grinding using a shredder. In the end, I said the most important thing for any Chinese (and actually magic), the word "chshi Fan" - to eat. Hearing this, and realizing that a large piece of wood with knives is only kitchen utensils, Chinese "Karatsupa" smiled graciously and missed me aside so beloved by me Harbin. Well, this ends. Ah, yes! I forgot the third, the main method: recipe for "his cabbage" to tell you ... I do it very fast and easy! Horseradish and dill leaves (dry desirable) and polgolovki minced garlic wrapped in a clean cloth or gauze. I put this "secret" on the bottom of the tank and I cut a large head of cabbage into large chunks. Keep these "parts" in its entirety, folding them into a container. Two medium carrots mine, I clean, I cut to "coppers" and pour them cabbage. Brine: for every liter of boiling water - two tablespoons of salt. And all! Fill in the brine tank so that it covered the cabbage, carrot top, three days pierce, and then entertained a favorite of guests and crispy cabbage! My Chinese friends love it! And they know a lot about food. But I do not open them to the recipe. Let come back often to visit and admire the secrets of Russian cuisine. After all, we, the Russian cooks, chefs know how to surprise the Middle Kingdom!


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