A Brief History of Luther Norman

Year and two months ago was born a nice guy Luther Norman.

How to put up to two months, he grew up in the nursery, and then went to live in a distant city Megion.

Grew quickly and became a big

and beautiful dog

Excuse me, that long, buggy modem. The village, you know ...

Now finish.

Little, of course, hooligans

Loves playing

And is engaged with the host

At first birthday honors pupil and the owners decided to make the athlete Norman maaaalenky gift.

Meet the girlfriend of our Viking babe Lyutar Siyana)))

Hto it ???

Deffchenka? And what UTB eat ???

Normasha, can I kiss you?

Mammmochki! She me to death !!!

Hhe, and I liked it ...

And what fun!

You guys have names?

While everything. This here is highly concentrated undiluted happiness)))

Normashechka not be distracted by them!


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