Russian language in American cinema

A small selection of pictures from kinolyapy where Americans distort Russian words and letters :)
I wonder what is the reason? Is in such budgets they do not take care of a consultant? Or just scored :)

Fantastic Four

The final frame with the ship floating away.
The Bourne Identity

Simple Russian guy Aschf Fshtshfum. Not soared, just changed the layout)


The hero of Tom Hanks real name Gulnara Gulin, as indicated in its Vadzschelskae Pasvedchanne


A common mistake to confuse the letter "W" and "Y»

From Russia, with love

In the Russian embassy doors need Dergat and Dikhan

Independence Day

Russian cloud Fznamznon, more dangerous than the cloud of Icelandic volcano Eyyafyaloyokudlya. And soon it will cover Novosyoyrsk.



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