Thank Costa Biryukov and courses dovrachebki. Case №1

In the night from Sunday to Monday, somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, one of the men had an epileptic seizure Commission. He managed to shout "pressure, the pressure" and began to twitch. Even sitting on a chair. I was 10 meters sitting next immediately picked up peasant and laid on the floor. I put it under his head folder with papers (which was handy). And then just drove a couple wanting to get the language or insert a spoon. The rest is quite rightly made a neighbor of the victim. Doctors were just three or four minutes. (These things happen on the first floor of the clinic). First came through 10. Peasant twitching moderately. When he came to, did not want to shoot up and stuff, swearing and arguing with doctors. But that's another story.
Asked what was packing:
held dovrachebku?
-I Biryukova?
Thank you, Kostya


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