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My February began with frost and a two-day training in providing first aid. I confess: for no frost nor on training initiative was not mine. With the weather so it happened. To increase the primary care level to invite more Reed Constantine Cote Biryukov. By the time of delivery of certificates, we still have mastered this science, matured two thoughts:
1. Why he had not passed (not even so - why did not even think about it)
2. Even so far away from the fun-filled activities can be carried out with a bottomless positive and humorous.
Therefore, so you do not forget, I should say thank Instructor: Konstantin Biryukov

Oleg burr

Yaroslav Wusu

Thanks to their oratorical gift and innate temporitme, two days of training were held in the same breath, despite the cold wild in the lecture room (impartial photographic images allows you to see the degree of dress)
I did not set myself the task to cover all the technical details of first aid in different situations. Let's talk about something else.
We are studying medicine throughout life. At school. The institute. Driving courses. And if we can assist a person in distress - artificial respiration, get rid of inhaled foreign object?
Whether cope with venous or, God forbid, arterial bleeding, if faced with such a life? Yes, like a fig, as it turned out. Sad. It's basic skills that can save a person's life. For example, if the victim stops breathing, you begin to carry out the entire complex in the first minute of the event, the probability of saving is 90%. After 10 minutes, this assistance is no longer needed. Brain dead. Sometimes with bleeding through all goes to tens of seconds. A standard time for the ambulance in the city - 10 minutes in the village - 20 minutes. In Kiev the average arrival time - 17 minutes ... Meanwhile, from cardiovascular disease in Ukraine dies 17,000 people a year. Of these, 21% - people of working age. And we can not know in advance when and where it happens. People who can save quite real, not so much die from indifference of others (though it happens), both from elementary ignorance. Ignorance of the rules and regulations. For example, standards for artificial respiration of the European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association are substantially different from operating in Ukraine (and hopelessly outdated). A lack of knowledge of the same norms and rules of personal safety for assistance may well lay the unlucky rescuer near the victims.
On the decadent West, where the lives of its citizens are more vibrantly (no lyrics, by the way, elementary calculated how much the state will receive less tax if its Citizen will bend in the productive age without rendering first aid), the process of education is put on stream. All taken into account: if one in five people will have the skills, the probability of assistance in an emergency situation will be about 90%.
And therefore in the same Lithuania, for example, begin to talk about this since kindergarten. And, of course, if such a situation happens, the person is prepared for it.
We, unfortunately, most likely two algorithms action. First - people are going to flock of timid penguins near the victim, trying to include the collective mind And it does not work - no one really knows what to do. Everyone is waiting for the precious time is running out. Second - declared an incredibly active Znayka who does what to do in any case in this situation is impossible. For example, move the person to whom it is absolutely contraindicated, try to feed the unfortunate medications that he had never received and the possibility of side effects is unknown, and so on. N. Often such active measures supported by "knowledge", drawn from contemporary cinema. Which strongly recommends that sip viskarya - this amazing analgesic and antiseptic, and the best remedy for frostbite - rub the affected areas with snow. To paraphrase Zhvanetskogo can howl: "Yes, no way! How can you then save? "It is clear that Znayka all done in good faith. However, the consequences are equally bleak.
What is the alternative? Quite logical - to improve the personal and collective level of training. About collective - no exaggeration. Suffice usual pattern when a person undergoing training, comes home, practicing on relatives (and on whom else?), And those obsessed with a thirst for revenge, too, are willing to be trained to be able to answer the home sadist.
And in doing so, they will gladly help the team special training centers Ukrainian Rescue Service (USP). By the way, the head of USP Dyba Pavel Petrovich and is concurrently President of International Service 911. A mentioned earlier in this article instructors DSP - some of the best in Europe. Thanks to their efforts in Ukraine in 2009 saved more than 40 thousand people and more than 300 thousand people received other assistance.
But, although they more spices and brutally energetic people, they really have to work "on a break" and everywhere in time they are physically unable to.
However, they are willing and very organically format will share their experiences and knowledge with everyone. You will learn how to diagnose and what to do first, what to say and why the ambulance dispatcher in the United States spent on advertising bra with front zipper $ 16 million. Enlighten you about the many myths. Tell what is dangerous for you as your blood. And a lot of necessary things. It is necessary. After all, this may depend on the life of your loved ones.

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