Indian yogi 70 years of living without food and water

In India, 82-year-old yogi claims that for 70 years without food and water, eating a divine elixir.
Prahlad Jani for six days in isolation in a hospital in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) under strict supervision of physicians.
During all this time he did not eat or drink and never went to the toilet. However, he did not have any signs of lethargy,
deterioration of health of hunger, weight loss or dehydration.

According to the stories of Gianni, in the seven years he left home and during wanderings was able to go without food and drink, eating some divine elixir, sent him on, it enters the body through the sky.

Experts who specialize in such cases as support version yoga, despite the fact that their practice is often faced with the usual fraud.

Meanwhile Jani seriously interested in the history of the Indian military. They hope that the research will help to unravel his extraordinary abilities. In this case, they believe, can be found a way by which the soldiers or people who are victims of natural disasters, can last longer without food before help arrives.


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