What can you buy for a million dollars

million - the sum is certainly enviable. It seems that if any solve all the problems and all the doors are opened. But, in practice, it all depends on the place on the planet where a door opens in a mansion, but somewhere - in the literal sense in small room. This, of course, real estate, and it is luxury - a millionaire and will consider the worst-case scenarios? But if somewhere in Cape Town with the money he can afford a villa in more than 200 square meters, in Monaco it will be available only to 15-meter room. That is, one square. meter luxury housing the second largest city in South Africa on the Atlantic coast is 470dollarov and Mediterranean principality - 6800 dollarov.

Here are ten of the most expensive cities in this sense (the data from the study in 2014 by real estate consulting firm Knight Frank): 10. Shanghai, where $ 1 million to buy 46 square meters. m "luxury" 9. Moscow - 43 square meters. 8. Paris meters - 42 square meters. 7. Sydney meters - 41 square meters. meter 6. New York - 40 square meters. 5. Geneva meters - 35 square meters. 4. Singapore meters - 33 square meters. m 3 London - 25 square meters. m 2. Hong Kong - 21 square meters. meter 1. Monaco - 15 square meters. m This comparative chart to the site Global Post helps to visualize the difference (dimensions on it are indicated in square feet): 64,349,376

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