When the take-off? Overview of flying cars (and motorcycles)

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People have always wanted to fly. And we have it, frankly, pretty well. But airplanes, helicopters and paroplane little, agree? We still need a transport system consisting of multi-level "roads without roads" as in the Fifth Element.

Attempts to give the vehicle the ability to fly undertaken since 1917. Read more - under the cut.

idea to combine car and airplane so old that even surprising: the first such design is presented to the public in 1917. Unfortunately, Autoplan could not gain altitude and constantly returned no homeland.

The idea stalled until 1937, when the model was introduced Arrowbile. This vehicle has already been able to fly, but failed in sales - only two received an order created.

Oleg Antonov in 1941-1943 worked on the flying tank. This is not to Zhiguli wings attach, then it was a T-60, which had a combat weight of 5, 8 and 6, 4 tons. This beast of a machine is also able to fly, but only at 20 meters, and then rapidly began to lose altitude. Another failure in flying machines. And tanks. Good thing the pilot managed to escape - had the skills and experience.

In 1946, Robert Fulton, convinced that simply do not make cars out of the plane and the plane to adapt to the road makes a "flying amphibian» - Airphibian. Six cylinders, 150 horses, flying speed - 190 miles per hour, and travel on the road - 80 km per hour. Fulton argued that any housewife could make of this aircraft machine five minutes without any help, wings and tail section of the aircraft were removed, and the propeller was formed inside the fuselage.

Convair Model 116 and 118 also not long lived. Demand was not on the flying cars.

In the seventies, the arena went Ave Mizar. Beat the machine together with the pilot, the creator of the model - Henry Mizar. All because he wanted to prove the possibility of his creations.

And this cutie, Aerocar, drove the wings behind him. 250 orders were not able to recoup the cost of production.

Frisbee suddenly able to fly. The tests were in 1989. This thing eats a lot of fuel, and will never be released in the series. By the way, say that on e-Bay, you can buy a prototype of the thing 15 000 dollars.

Already three years ago, in 2011, was to begin serial production of the Terrafugia Transition. The car weighs 570 kg is capable of driving on the highway at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour and fly at 185 km / h. Now the car still runs various tests.

In the Netherlands, decided to combine the car is not with the aircraft and helicopter. Helicycle Pal-V, absolutely do not need wings to carry the movement through the air - respectively, unfasten-fasten huge chunks of the fuselage is also not necessary. The body is made of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum. Just 8 seconds cars accelerate to 100km / h on the ground. On one filling Helicycle able to travel up to 1,300 kilometers or fly about 350 km. And, of course, he does not need a runway.

In 2017 in the US promise to begin serial production Hoverbike. This flying motorcycle is able to move at a height of about 4 meters at a speed of 72 kilometers per hour. The length of this vehicle - 4, 5 meters, width - 2, 1 m, height - 1, 25. Producer sure that any biker will understand immediately to management. The fuel used regular gasoline, a full tank will last for an hour and a quarter of the flight.

The maximum weight of the passengers, which can be two - 140 kilograms.

Thanks maneuverability and technologies borrowed from quadrocopter (accelerometer and gyroscope are used effectively to improve the manageability), this transport can be claimed by rescuers and police.

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