How to deliver a generator weighing more than 360 tons?

How to get from Japan to the US Virginia generator weighing 803,000 pounds (about 364,235 kg)? First, this edifice was loaded onto a barge and river
Mississippi delivered to the port in the United States, then super crane Barnhart installed on a complex structure, which can drive 170 miles (274 km)
on public roads. Road construction has a length of 70 m, a width of 7 m 56 axles and 224 wheels. Pulling all this construction, two tractor,
capacity of 1000 l / s each. Together with the generator itself, the entire structure weighs approximately 640 tons !!! To bring in this edifice on the roads,
had to dismantle some power lines and bridges ... The cost of transportation in the United States amounted to 2, 5 million $


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