The grand adventure of his son's birthday

This was the first clue where to look for a gift

"If you really want, you will be able to read what is written here»
Dad took the ambiguous words: «If you are so inclined» - to incline as a means to lean, lean and mean. Son had a correct understanding.

There is a hint!

The tooltip has been written "under the bench, which you can see from my grandmother's balcony»

From the balcony of my grandmother's seen a lot of benches ...

Not this

Not this one. As he searched the bench was already dark and we had to continue the search the next day

The next day he searched a couple of benches and found another clue

Exciting opening

If you stop (STOP) at the corner of McIntyre and McIntyre, it will help and it is so obvious that even a blind man would have found it & quot;

At this time, the boy knew exactly where to go

And here's a hint

He quickly realized that this was a Braille, but so far the only Braille, which he saw was on the coins

He rewrote the terms and asked for help from the good old internet

By simple translation he received a second clue: "Deck of cards that I gave you»

One of the cards read: "In these cards hidden secret code that you'll need. Perhaps you need to put them in the correct order so that you could read it »

And he laid out in an attempt to find a solution

It looked like the map when they were mixed

And when they were assembled correctly

"The next clue in your bed»

He found the last clue

"Congratulations, you're already quite close! The treasures buried for a sign Liriodendron Tulipifera »
The answer was hidden in two Latin words

As soon as he learned that it was a Tulip Tree, also known as Liriodendron, he immediately knew where he had to go

His grandparents bought for him and his sister in the park trees

For a sign, he found the last capsule, which was ...

A check for $ 80



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